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Summertime means fun time, but it also means a new set of beauty issues that have to be dealt with, especially in our dry climate. So, I went looking for ideas that are easy and inexpensive. I learned about some homemade remedies, so I put a few to the test. Read on and try some of these summer solutions to keep you and your bank account looking good.

Keep Safe in the Sun

Summer beauty tips

Budget beauty summer and home remedy solutions - Summertime means fun time, but it also means a new set of beauty issues that have to be dealt with, especially in our dry climate. So, I went looking for ideas that are easy and inexpensive.

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Sun worshippers beware of those beloved Arizona rays because our state is the second in the world when it comes to skin cancer cases. Last month I reported on what to expect when you see a . I commented in my segment that if one person had their moles checked, then I had done my job. To my surprise, that one person ended up being me. Ahwatukee Dermatologist John Kwon, M.D. ended up sending 8 (yep, I said 8) of my moles in for a biopsy. One week later two of those moles came back with a "moderate concern" rating so I had to go back to have more skin shaved for additional testing. Having the moles removed was painless. The shot they gave me to numb the area hurt a little, but was well worth it.

After a second week of anxious waiting, I was told that all is clear for now, but I must be screened every four months to make sure that no new moles appear or grow back. So, seeing him for a regular screening ended up being early detection in my case. So, my first and foremost summer solution here is to use the sunscreen that many dermatologists recommend called Blue Lizard. As I said, our state is the second highest in the world for skin cancer with Australia being number one. Blue Lizard was created in Australia and this country has been proactive in working to decline their skin cancer rate. Blue Lizard is sold at www.drugstore.com and at CVS drug stores.

Like most girls, I love glossy lips, but recent studies suggest that some lip products may actually reflect the sun's harmful rays and increase your risk of getting skin cancer on your lips. To solve this problem, try DDF's Glossy Lip Treatment SPF 15 Lip Balm. I still get my shine and my lips are protected. Get yours at www.ddfskincare.com for less than 20 bucks.

put to the test

Like everyone else, I keep waiting for some good financial news and it doesn't seem to be coming yet. So, for this summer solution segment, I decided to look up some homemade ideas and put them to the test. I found everything I needed right under my roof and I bet you will too, but I thought that I would give some stuff a test run first. Here is what I discovered:

*Garlic for peeling nails? I once had a nail tech tell me to rub raw garlic on my nails to help with peeling. I really didn't think this one would nail the problem, but to my surprise, it did. Simply rub a garlic bulb over each nail twice a day. I do it every morning and every night while I am in the kitchen making meals. My nails aren't super strong yet, but the peeling has stopped. Who knew?

*Mayo for facials? One of my favorite books by Good Housekeeping called "Extraordinary Uses for Everyday Things" has a ton of interesting ideas. The book's beauty chapter says to use mayo for a fab facial. So, I tried and applied some mayonnaise and left it on for the recommended 20 minutes. My skin did feel smooth afterwards, but the smell was not relaxing and I found several articles that said that mayo may be too thick for the pores. So, make sandwiches with mayo, not facials.

*Butter help for heels? I read that butter can combat dry skin on your hands and feet, so I gave it a try. My family thought I was nuts as they watched me slather butter on my feet, put socks on and go to bed.

Unfortunately, it did not work, so I couldn't tell my family that "I told you so" the next day.

So, when my heels do get overly dry, I use olive oil or a foot lotion.

*Oatmeal for Eczema? Drug stores sell oatmeal packs for Eczema breakouts which can be worse in the hot summer months. Since I am on a budget, I tried pouring my own oats in my daughter's bath and it worked just as well. However, I did grind the oatmeal first so it dissolved nicely in the tub. Simply pour one cup of oatmeal under the running water. Another good trick for super dry skin is to apply a good moisturizer as soon as you get out of the water and while the skin is still wet. The moisture of the bath or shower water helps to seal the product making it more effective.

*Vinegar for chlorine damaged hair? Celebrity makeup artist Karen Hall and this month's issue of Health Magazine both report that 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar mixed with 1 cup of water make a great hair rinse. Vinegar is a natural clarifier that rids the hair of mineral deposits and chlorine. So, pour the potion over just-washed hair and then rinse.

*Soak Then Swim for Healthier Hair? My friend's grandmother and my own stylist swear by good ol' H20 to protect hair from the damaging effects of chlorine. Always wet your hair with cool water before you get in the pool. If your hair is dry, it acts like a sponge when it hits the pool water absorbing all of those chemicals. Wet hair won't absorb near as much, so your hair stays healthier and your color lasts longer.

My hair stylist Angelic Papadakis from Backstage Salon & Spa in Tempe also swears by using a good dry shampoo in between your hair washes. This helps to reduce the oily scalp that is the result of our sweaty summer days. Plus it is healthier for hair if you don't wash it every day. Try Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Dry Shampoo and get $5 off through the month of June off at Angelic's salon. Backstage Salon & Spa is located at McClintock & Guadalupe next to Trader Joes. The 3.4 oz. bottle regularly sells for $20, so get it for $15 at Backstage Salon and save yourself some money. I tried it and it works great and keeps me on time because I don't have to wash and blow dry my hair every day.

So, check your cabinets and whip up some summer solutions that will save you money. And don't forget to do just a little shopping to make sure that you are protected from our powerful Arizona sun. Happy Summer.

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