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Angels and Demons earns 3 Red Vines for being visually fascinating

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Angels and Demons, Night at the Museum, Terminator: Salvation - Flick Chick Vique Rojas reviews "Angels and Demons," "Night at the Museum: Battle at the Smithsonian" and "Terminator: Salvation."

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After seeing "The Da Vinci Code" and now " " I have come to the conclusion that Dan Brown's books simply cannot be made into compelling, entertaining movies.

Unlike very vocal critics, my complaint is not with the subject matter. Au contraire! I love conspiracy topics and the material contained in both movies was familiar territory for me. But concepts this complex are simply too wordy to be translated into action films. Granted, I give director Ron Howard a lot of credit for doing his best to make these movies exciting but the end result is a beautiful but boring mess, that continually stretches the bounds of credibility.

The actual plot line of "Angels and Demons" is basically pretty simple, believe it or not. Centuries ago, the Catholic Church did its best to suppress scientific thought and reason that did not support its missionary beliefs. As an act of rebellion and progression, the intelligent minded banded together to form a shadowy group called the Illuminati (the 'enlightened'). Yeah, the battle between science and religion is that old!

Flash forward to the present and the Illuminati have infiltrated every sector of power including the very organization that forced them to come into existence in the first place, the Catholic Church. When the reigning Pope dies, the shadowy group attempts to seize power.

Okay that's the plot in a nutshell. It's the subterfuge used to seize the power itself that is very complex and can be mind numbing to the average movie goer who hasn't read the book. For you see all that exposition has to be conveyed somehow and it is done with overwhelming monologue after monologue by the Harvard symbologist brought in to help solve the trail of puzzling clues. And here lies my basic problem with the movie: just because a monologue is delivered running down a spiral staircase breathlessly does not make it exciting. Tom Hanks reprises his role as the afore mentioned symbologist Robert Langdon and I am sorry to say, I find him no better fit for the part than I did the first time around.

On the other hand, Ewan McGregor does a great job as the deceased Pope's Camerlengo Patrick McKenna as does Stellan Skarsgard as the chief of Vatican security. Also, the movie is beautiful to look at both in location and film style and is the best reason to see this movie. I will also add that if you like "The Da Vinci Code" you probably will love "Angels and Demons' as it is better than its predecessor. But for me, that's not saying much as I was woefully disappointed in "The Da Vinci Code". I, for one, enjoyed that book very much though I confess I have not read "Angels and Demons".

LADIES ROOM LOWDOWN: Everyone going into the theater seemed to be buying tickets to Star Trek. I know they had a much better time than I!

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