Family wants refund for airline tickets after itinerary changes

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PHOENIX -- A Valley family says they're supposed to get a refund from a travel Web site they used. But when they didn't get their money, they contacted 3 On Your Side.

The family was supposed to fly out of the country, but after they booked their reservations their itinerary changed and they didn't like the new one they were given.

Ana Foote says family means everything to her. That's exactly why she booked a vacation to Columbia where many of her relatives live.

"I haven't seen my family, my mom, for three years," she said. "I want them to meet my little boy. He's 3."

Planning and saving for the trip took a long time, but Foote and her husband say it would be worth it.

"We have to have many sacrifices," Foote said. "We sacrifice a lot of things to just go and see them, just to travel."

After saving thousands, the Footes used a Web site called to book their flight.

But after booking everything, the Footes say their itinerary had changed dramatically.

"They sent us the e-mail stating that American Airlines canceled flights due to the economy or whatever and there was going to be a significant change," she said.

That significant change? Well, it turns out their layover in Florida that was only supposed to be a few hours had turned into an overnight layover.

Not wanting to be stuck at the airport overnight, Foote contacted to see what could be done.

"We asked them to pay for the hotel and they denied that," she said.

CheapTickets said it would refund Foote's money and they could re-book their flights, which is what Foote says they did.

But after they did, the family got bad news.

"In the end, they told us that there will be no refund," Foote said.

No refund? That means the Footes are essentially paying twice. They're paying for their old itinerary and now they're paying for the new one.

3 On Your Side contacted, which said it was the airline that refused the refund, not them.

However, CheapTickets looked into the issue again and then sent us a statement, saying: "Fortunately, the airline has agreed to provide Mrs. Foote with a full refund of all three tickets in the amount of $2,317.14."

A full refund, that's exactly what Foote says she has been trying get, but says it took 3 On Your Side to make it happen.

A big thank you to They're the ones that dealt with the airlines and really greased the wheels to get this resolution.

As for the Footes, they're happy and ready hit Columbia.