Landscaping company accused of taking money, not completing jobs

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PHOENIX -- A landscaping company is accused of taking money and never doing any work.

The name of the company is 4 Brothers Landscaping and it's run by Rosario Aguilar.

And although Aguilar tells me that he does great work, other people complain they would never know if his work is good because he never showed up.

Now, although 3 On Your Side was able to catch up with Aguilar, many people complain they can't find him even though they paid him to do a job.

One of those people is Raquell Salcedo.

"I felt he's scammed me because he's never going to come back," she said.

Salcedo tells 3 On Your Side that she and her husband hired 4 Brothers Landscaping in March to do their backyard.

"It was supposed to be a flowerbed," Salcedo said. "This is supposed to be a bench and flagstone."

Salcedo says she was excited about making her backyard look beautiful so she and her husband signed a $10,000 contract with 4 Brothers Landscaping.

And who did they hand the contract over to? Aguilar, who told her he needed a $2,500 down payment.

And exactly what did Salcedo get for that kind of money? Well, Aguilar painted some markings in the backyard. He took his $2,500 check and he left. He hasn't been seen since March.

"I call him every single day [and ask] when is he going to come to prepare the job?" Salcedo said. "He says, 'I'm too busy! I'm too busy!"

She's not the only one. The Arizona Registrar of Contractors has 14 open investigations against 4 Brothers Landscaping, many for abandonment of work.

So, 3 On Your Side caught up with Aguilar, who claims Salcedo canceled the contract although he had already purchased materials for the job.

"She told me her husband didn't want to spend that kind of money," Aguilar said.

Salcedo says that's just not true, saying she never canceled anything.

As for Aguilar, well, he appeared to have gotten tired of discussing the issue.

"Come on, dude, it's already embarrassing enough for us, all right?" Aguilar said.

And with that Aguilar got back in his truck, making it clear he didn't want to talk any more.

Aguilar says he will work with the Registrar of Contractors to resolve the issue, but he's going to be busy with the ROC because, like I said, he has 14 active complaints regarding work abandonment and sloppy work.