My Life in Ruins, Oopah!

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kisses 3 & 1/2 Red Vines for being a great summer trip

Drag Me to Hell, My Life in Ruins

Drag Me to Hell, My Life in Ruins - Flick Chick Vique Rojas reviews "Drag Me to Hell" and "My Life in Ruins."

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Go ahead and stone me. It's all true. I was not a big fan of "My Big Fat Greek Wedding". I can almost hear your gasps of horror! I thought the movie was cute, with a great cast but I could see the laughs coming from a mile away. Consequently, I wasn't laughingmuch.

So it was with great trepidation that I went to see Nia Vardalos' newest homage to all things Greek, "My Life in Ruins". Well my fears were completely unfounded as I found the movie to be absolutely delightful!

First off, you must know that the two movies only share one thing in common: the leading lady and in acting only. She did not write this one. It is not a continuation of "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" in any way, shape or form. This time around Vardalos plays a history teacher working in Greece who ends up taking a job with a crummy tour guide agency when the lousy economy puts an end to her teaching job.

The entire movie revolves around an adventure with one particular tour group and if you've ever taken a tour you will recognize the types: frat boys, cougars on the prowl, ugly Americans, seniors on a budget. But predictable stereotypes and situations do not make for a boring or overly predictable storyline. A clever, laugh filled script and a wonderful cast bring a lot of heart and pure joy.

And romance? Oh yes, there is major romance! In fact, I found the story of a lonely tour guide who finds her Greek mojo and a Greek God to boot thoroughly sweet, enjoyable and way more romantic than -dare I say it?-"My Big Fat Greek Wedding"!

Nia Vardalos is charming as is her unexpected romance with real life Greek God Alexis Georgoulis. They share great chemistryand heat! Rachel Dratch, Harland Williams and Sheila Bernette were particular standouts as the wayward tourists, while Alistair McGowan was perfectly smarmy as Vardalos' conniving rival. And veteran Richard Dreyfuss seemed to be having as much fun as the audience playing the 'wise guy' in the group.

Love, laughs and incredible scenery. We should all be so lucky to take a trip like this to Greece. Oh wait, you can!

LADIES ROOM LOWDOWN: "That was funny. Really funny." "What a cute movie!" The audience was all abuzz with praise for this movie. The girlfriend I took was a big "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" fan so she was a little nervous that she would be disappointed. The email I got from her this morning says it all: I came home raving about the movie. I really liked it. Amen, sistah!