Couple's dream kitchen turns into nightmare

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PHOENIX -- A Valley couple say they have a huge problem with a purchase they made at a home improvement store so they contacted 3 On Your Side for help.

The name of the store is the Expo Design Center.

Now, the Expo Design Center went out of business recently and, like a lot of companies, they tried to liquidate as much as they could before they closed.

And although liquidation sales are a great way for consumers to get deals, one Valley couple claim they were very disappointed with their so-called bargain.

"It's embarrassing right now," Sabrina Thompson said. "We haven't had people over."

Thompson and her husband, Marcos, intended on having a beautiful kitchen. Instead, they have a mess.

"It's just crazy, especially when we can't get any resolution," Marcos Thompson said.

Here's the problem. The Thompsons went to the Expo Design Center in North Scottsdale to see if they could score a deal before the company went out of business.

They wound up buying a $20,000 kitchen for just under $3,000. But when the goods arrived, the Thompsons were not happy.

The cabinets, the counters, everything was a display model, but Marcos and Sabrina say employees assured them that everything would be disassembled correctly. However, the Thompsons say the beautiful kitchen they saw and bought was not what was delivered.

"There's really nothing that's usable right now," Sabrina said.

Many of the cabinets that were on display in the store were severely damaged when they were taken apart.

With the Expo Design Center out of business, the Thompsons went to the parent company, The Home Depot, where they were told, "Sorry, you bought everything as is."

"No, man! I bought it as is, I bought it as is, not as extracted," Marcos said.

So, 3 On Your Side got in contact with The Home Depot and after looking into the matter, the company decided to refund all $2,700.

And not only that, they said the Thompsons can keep the cabinets free and clear just in case they find a contractor who can repair the damage.

Sabrina says she owes it to 3 On Your Side.

The Home Depot is not quite sure why the cabinets looked the way they did, but they do say it's rare because they basically never sell a display kitchen.

Regardless, I appreciate The Home Depot reaching the resolution they did.