Woman short-changed on broken computer exchange

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PHOENIX - An East Valley woman claims she has a big problem with her brand new computer.

When you buy a computer, the last thing you would expect to have a problem with is the keyboard, but that's exactly what happened to the woman you're about to meet and she said she had an even bigger problem trying to exchange it.

Kim Covert is working on her master's degree, so she needs a reliable computer.

"We didn't buy it online because we figured, we bought it at Best Buy, we can take it back if we had any problems with it," she said.

Well, she did have problems with it.

Kim said not long after getting home from Best Buy with her $600 laptop, she fired it up and claims she had problems with her keyboard.

"I went right to my school work and I was having trouble with some of the keys and I was like, this is driving me crazy, " she said. "I tried it for a couple more days and it kept doing the same thing and it was really driving me crazy then the backspace key fell off!"

So, Kim took the lap top back to Best Buy so she could exchange it for a similar one.

After all, a new computer with keys falling off the keyboard concerned her.

While she was there, she said some computer techs looked it over and snapped the broken keys back on to the keyboard.

"So she took it over to them and about three minutes later she came back over and said, "Well they've run some tests and the said there's nothing wrong with it so we'll give you your money back minus fifteen percent restocking fee," she said.

A restocking fee?

According to Best Buy's return policy, it clearly states they will exchange lap top computers within fourteen days if they can find a defect.

Kim said a keyboard that is falling apart sure is defective to her and all she wanted was to exchange it, not return it.

Frustrated, Kim said things got heated.

"He told me that if I did not leave the store, that he would call the police because I was causing other customers to get upset," Kim said. "What about me? I'm a customer and I was upset."

3 On Your Side contacted Best Buy's corporate headquarters and the company agreed to have tech's at the store look at the computer one more time.

When they did, they agreed the computer was defective and gave Kim a complete refund without charging her a restocking fee.

Kim said she couldn't have done it without 3 On Your Side's help.

Best Buy said it very rare to have keys just pop off like they did, still, 3 On Your Side appreciates the retail giant taking the time to look at the computer one more time and actually refunding Kim her money.