Grandmother can't get refund after baby walker breaks

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PHOENIX -- When a South Phoenix grandmother had problems with a product, she tried to work it out with the store she bought it from but ended up needing 3 On Your Side's help.

The product is a child's walker. It has wheels at the bottom and it supposed to help infants strengthen their legs and gain their balance.

Well, this grandmother had a problem with her grandson's walker, but no one seemed to be listening.

Beulah Bradley says she's used to hearing her little 6-month-old grandson happy and laughing so when she heard something else, she worried.

"I panicked!" Bradley said. "He was very upset. Needless to say he needed to be calmed down."

That's because Bradley says after placing her grandson in a walker that was just purchased that same day, the seat gave way.

"I just saw him fall and he hit the floor and [he was] struggling to try and free himself from the entrapment he was in," she said.

That's right. Bradley says moments after placing her grandchild in his brand-new walker, the bottom just fell through.

"Once the baby fell through, we started examining how that happened and we're looking at it and it's so poorly put together," she said.

Bradley said she took the $27 chair back to the K-Momo store in Phoenix where it was bought to see if anything could be done.

But more importantly she wanted to tell them that the walker may not be safe.

"His reaction was the sale is final and if you want to replace it, I'll replace it for you," Bradley said. "No concern at all for the safety or well-being of the child."

Replace it? Bradley didn't want another one. She just wanted her money back and since she couldn't get a refund, she contacted 3 On Your Side.

"My baby got by with just being really scared, but somebody else's child could really be seriously hurt," she said.

3 On Your Side spoke to management at K-Momo and told them that we would be returning the walker and that's exactly what we did.

Employees were at first reluctant to refund the money even though we had a receipt, but they eventually did. And with cash in our hands, we hand delivered it to Bradley.

Bradley says she plans on using the money to purchase another walker -- one that hopefully will work.

By the way, employees at the store wouldn't comment to 3 On Your Side regarding the safety issue of the walker. Instead, they deferred all of my questions to the owner, who they claim was out of the country.

3 On Your Side also tried to research the walker to see if there were similar complaints, but our investigation was somewhat limited because there was no big brand name and no model number. All it said was "Fashion" and it was made in Taiwan.