Hairstylists getting brush-off after salon owner doesn't pay rent

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PHOENIX --- Nearly a dozen women say they found themselves in a rather peculiar situation.

The women are not only friends, they're also co-workers.

They all worked for a hair salon in north Phoenix and I say "worked" because they have found themselves unexpectedly out of a job.

And from there, it only gets worse. At least, until 3 On Your Side stepped in.

"It's extremely frustrating because this is your livelihood, this is what we do," Janine Zagerman said.

Zagerman is just one of nearly a dozen hair stylists who found herself locked out of work at place called Dulcinea Salon and Spa.

"We got locked out," Betsy Bowers said. "The owner of the salon did not pay the rent for four months."

Now all the women say that they have been paying commission and space fees in order to do hair inside Dulcinea Salon and Spa, which is just off of Interstate 17 and Happy Valley Road.

But, unfortunately, they claim the salon owner never passed on their money to the building's landlord and as a result, the landlord locked the doors.

As a result, all of these women say they have expensive equipment they need to get out, but they can't because no one will unlock the door.

"Our licenses are in there, all of our products," Bowers said. "I myself have, at the minimum, a thousand dollars worth of stuff so I can't go get a job."

So, 3 On Your Side got in touch with the landlord and explained that all these women wanted was to get their stuff and within two days, that's exactly what happened.

The women all tell 3 On Your Side they were able to retrieve their hair equipment and licenses so they can continue earning a living.

The stylists say they been trying for two weeks, but it took 3 On Your Side just a few days.

The owner of Dulcinea Salon and Spa said she met with the landlord and after reaching some type of a new agreement she was able to reopen, but that agreement had nothing at all to do with my involvement.

As for the employees I was able to assist, many of them have taken their equipment and found jobs somewhere else.