Mother's Day flower pen bouquet

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Mother's Day craft

Make flower pens for Mother's Day - The Home Depot's Debbie Hernandez shows's Scott Pasmore how to use paper, copper wire and a little paint to turn ordinary pens into a very cute Mother's Day gift.

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-Masking Paper (12")

-Thin copper wire (18" for each flower pen)

-Ball point pens

-Scissors or paper cutter

-Wire cutter

-Green electrical tape or floral wrap

-Spray paint (desired colors)

-Garden pot

-Paint pen or paint if you want to decorate the pot

-Small rocks or sand (Artificial flowers can also be used)

Instructions for each flower

-Cut 2 pieces of masking paper 12"

-This will give you 2, 12x12 squares

-Place the 2 pieces on top of each other, fold in half and cut.

-Now fold and cut each of the long pieces in half, this will give you 8 pieces 6x6

-Place all 8 pieces of paper on top of one another

-Fold back and forth as if creating a fan

-Bend the 18" piece of copper wire evenly in the middle

-Place the wire at the middle of the fan folded paper, vertically

-Twist it tightly all the way down as a stem

-With a sharp scissors, round the endes of the folded fan while fan is in closed position

-This will give the pedals a more rounded authentic look

-Starting with one side of the wire, separate each piece of paper one at a time

-Pull towards the wire, which will be the middle of the flower

-Be careful not to rip the paper, flowers are fragile.

-After you have separated and pulled all 8 pieces towards the middle, go to the other side and repeat

-When all paper is separated, a beautiful flower will appear

-If painting them, do it now, lightly spray the flowers your desired color of spray paint (Not too heavy or the paper will be too saturated)

-Spray extra layers or coats, if the desired color is darker or brighter

-Let dry

-Take a ball point pen, place the flower at the top, wrap the copper wire around the pen

-Beginning at the tip of the pen, wrap the green tape around and around the pen

-This will secure the wire and stabilize the flower at the top of the pen

-Make multiple flower pens, use multiple colors(if desired) have fun with it!

-Decorate the pot with paint pens (if desired) Let dry

-Place rocks or sand into the pot, cover hole in bottom of pot, if there is one

-Place Flower pens into rocks or sand to create your Flower Pen Bouquet.

-Great gift for Mom on Mother's Day! Inexpensive and so FUN to make!