Woman's laptop broke apart and she's told recall repair has expired

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PHOENIX -- A Valley woman says her computer physically came apart and the computer company won't do anything about it. So, she contacted 3 On Your Side for help.

Cindy Fagan says she can't live without her laptop.

"I pay all my bills online," she said. "That's my phone book. That's how I keep in touch with my kids and family in Ohio and Seattle, and I mean I use it for everything!"

But just recently, Fagan says she noticed her laptop was having a major problem.

The hinges on Fagan's laptop broke apart. And, of course, with no hinges, well, your computer is basically in two pieces and is worthless.

Now, Fagan tried to get the company to fix the problem, but they said it was her problem.

"I started to open it again and it just literally started coming apart," she said.

Fagan took her laptop into Fry's Electronics, where she had bought the computer.

There she found out that her computer had a recall placed on it due to hinge problems -- the very same problem she was having.

"I'm thinking oh hey! Sweet! That works great," Fagan said.

But it wasn't so great. Fagan says when she contacted Hewlett-Packard, she was told that the recall had expired.

And to fix her computer she'd have to shell out an additional $400.

Wait a minute, an expired recall?

"Their recall expires, so evidently I guess my problem expires, too," she said. "My laptop wasn't informed that it wasn't supposed to break anymore."

Hewlett-Packard told Fagan it was up to her to check their Web site frequently, saying if she had done that, she would have known about the recall. She was supposed to checking the HP Web site constantly to stay up-to-date.

"Is this a weekly duty I'm supposed to do? Call my friendly Hewlitt-Packard person?" she asked.

With nowhere else to turn, Fagan contacted 3 On Your Side.

3 On Your Side got in touch with Hewlett-Packard, the company told us that, yes, the recall repair had expired.

However, in this particular case they would go ahead and fix Fagan's computer anyway, which is great news to her.

"It's a fantastic computer," she said. "I love my computer."

Again, Hewlett-Packard wanted Fagan to pay $400 for the repair, but we got it done under that recall for free.