Whose fleece is white as snow?

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The bighorn lamb born at the Phoenix Zoo on March 24. OK, she may not be a white as domestic lambs, but she is fun to watch out on her exhibit among the Papago Buttes.

Her name is Tula and an interesting story about her is she is quite the climber.

It's fascinating to know that a newborn is capable of climbing up an gigantic butte after being born only 15 hours earlier.She enjoys following different members of the herd around her exhibit; once she even followed her father "Truman" halfway around the exhibit before she realized her mom "Chenoa" was still eating hay with the rest of the herd.

She enjoys eating branches and leaves with the herd. She is fond of standing on the water trough's rocky sides to take drinks after eating her food.

The Phoenix Zoo received its first bighorn in 1972; we have had around 60 lambs total born.

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