Data recovery leads to lesson in backing up your hard drive

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GILBERT - When a Gilbert woman's computer crashed, she didn't know what to do, so she dropped it off at a local repair shop.

Things from there went from bad to worse, so bad in fact when she called 3 On Your Side she said her computer was quote being held hostage and she needed our help getting it back.

She was worried most about more than 700 family pictures she had stored on that computer. She feared she would never see again.

Carla brought her computer to a place called Dr. Geeks in October of last year.

"I'm from Pennsylvania so I had all pictures from my family," she said. "I'm the only one here I have no one here. I have some important stuff on that laptop that I want to get back."

But getting the computer back wouldn't prove easy. Carla had a series of personal problems and ended up leaving the computer at Dr. Geeks for many months.

In March, when she finally called to see if her laptop was ready Dr. Geeks said it was in an undisclosed location.

Dr Geeks claimed it has a policy that said computers left after 30 days could be subject to storage fees, but Carla said she couldn't get them to tell her where the computer was or when she could pick it up.

"I actually said to her, I'm going to call 3 On Your Side and see if they can help me get my lap top back faster."

3 On Your Side was able to get the computer back, trouble is, it still wasn't fixed.

For Carla, the situation had become emotional and although she appreciated 3 On Your Side getting her computer back, retrieving those family pictures was important.

So 3 On Your Side took the computer to Data Doctors in Tempe where they specialize in data recovery.

"It appears they reinstalled windows and didn't know what to do," said Ken Colburn with Data Doctors.

Because Carla had no back up drive, her pictures were essentially erased.

"There was a lot of work involved in trying to get it back," Colburn said.

After some intensive work, Data Doctors was able to recover 700 of Carla's family pictures.

"Wow I never thought I would see these pictures again," Carla said. "Thank you 3 On Your Side, I really appreciate it."