Warranty company won't fix man's dishwasher

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PHOENIX -- A Valley man says his warranty company won't make a simple repair so he contacted 3 On Your Side for help.

I am not a big fan of home warranties. That's because 3 On Your Side hears from folks all the time about how they paid hundreds of dollars for peace of mind, but in the end, that warranty they bought really doesn't cover anything.

When Gene Santoro became a homeowner, he says it was important for him to have a home warranty.

"The reason for my home warranty is because it gives me peace of mind knowing that when I call out for service it's not going to cost me a thousand dollars," Santoro said.

Good thing he had that warranty purchased from a company called Nationwide Home Warranty because Santoro says his dishwasher recently started acting funny.

"The dishwasher won't run through the cycles and when the heating goes on, it makes a loud noise," he said.

Santoro says he contacted Nationwide Home Warranty, which sent out a repairman to inspect the dishwasher, but an inspection is as far as it went because Nationwide Home Warranty declined to fix the dishwasher.

"The lady told me, 'There's a problem with your contract. Nationwide Home Warranty won't cover it," Santoro said.

Won't cover it? Santoro purchased the warranty so why won't the company fix it?

According to Santoro, it has to do with a small detail that's in Nationwide's warranty contract, a clause that says Nationwide will only fix things that have been regularly maintained.

"The lady at the warranty place says, 'Yeah, we will not cover it because you do not have receipts stating that you do periodic maintenance on that dishwasher," Santoro said.

What? Periodic maintenance on a dishwasher?

"I can't afford to call somebody out every month or every other month, every six months to have my appliances maintained," Santoro said.

3 On Your Side got involved and contacted Nationwide Home Warranty. After looking into the issue, Nationwide sent us an e-mail saying that Santoro's dishwasher claim will be paid in full.

Santoro says he's happy that the situation has been resolved but provides a word of warning.

"Home warranties are good, but, read the contract!" Santoro said.

Nationwide Warranty says there was a breakdown in communication between Santoro and company representatives.

Regardless, instead of getting his dishwasher repaired, Santoro opted for a $300 check from Nationwide Home Warranty to apply to a brand-new dishwasher.