Woman still billed monthly fee after gym closes

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PHOENIX -- A Valley woman says she has a big problem with her gym. It closed without warning. So why are they still charging her a monthly fee?

No one likes to see a company go out of business, but it's happening a lot these days and it happened to a fitness center called Coyotes Athletic Centers.

Angelina Shukhat says she was shocked when she went to work out at Coyotes Athletic Centers in Gilbert where she normally goes and found the doors were locked.

But that wasn't Shukhat's biggest surprise.

"The biggest shock was that the day after that they actually billed me," she said. "I didn't expect that to happen."

Shukhat was billed another $32 for a closed gym.

Why? Well, even though the Coyotes Athletic Centers' Web site acknowledges they have permanently closed, Shukhat's contract was transferred to another fitness center.

"I believe they did have a right to sell our memberships, but I believe I had the right to first of all cancel my membership and second of all to be notified of such a change," Shukhat said.

But Shukhat says she was never notified and to complicate matters, the new gym where her contract was transferred to is out of her way.

"For me, personally, it is just too far," she said. "That's the main issue and on top of it it's overcrowded."

Shukhat says she tried to reach someone with Coyotes Athletic Centers to cancel her contract, but she could never reach anyone.

"I just can't get a hold of anybody else so I believe maybe I can get Coyote corporate the message through TV," Shukhat said.

Coyotes Athletic Centers tell 3 On Your Side that because of the bad economy they had to shut their doors. However, they say there is a clause in the contract that allows them to transfer memberships to another gym.

And although they do not have to refund Shukhat's money, they did at 3 On Your Side's request, which means she doesn't have to sweat it out anymore.

Coyotes Athletic Centers say they will respond to all questions and concerns through their Web site, .