Company finishes pool for family after builder abandons the job

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PHOENIX -- A local woman says a Valley pool builder took her money and never finished her pool.

We first told you about this story a couple of weeks ago and since our first report aired what a difference! Because of that story, and because of our awesome viewers, things are getting done.

"I was crying, happy crying, as my daughter says, off and on all week telling people," Fiona Behan said.

Behan said all that crying has actually been tears of joy -- a complete turnaround since 3 On Your Side spoke to her a few weeks ago.

Behan was devastated after giving nearly $15,000 to a company called Riviera Pools. They were supposed to build a pool so Behan's 6-year-old daughter could continue therapy, which is eased by swimming.

"We just noticed that in the water it's therapeutic for her," Behan said.

But after shelling out the cash, Riviera Pools abandoned the construction and filed for bankruptcy, leaving Behan and her family with no money and no pool.

And get this, Rivera Pools never even removed a lien that they put on Behan's home.

"I need some help," Behan said. "I need this finished. My daughter needs something to be able to do during the summer."

3 On Your Side stepped in and did as much as we could, even asking for help in getting Behan's pool finished. And our viewers heard us. 3 On Your Side received numerous calls from licensed pool builders wanting to help Behan out, including Shasta, one of the biggest pool companies around.

So, we put Shasta in contact with Behan.

"We were on the way to therapy or something and I got a phone call saying that this pool builder was going to complete the pool," Behan said. "I was just shocked. I think I'm still in shock that it's actually happening."

Shasta Pools tells 3 On Your Side they'll not only finish Behan's pool for absolutely free, but they'll also throw in some extras.

"It's just amazing to believe that people that don't even know us are doing something so amazing for us," Behan said. "It's going to be amazing. It's really just like a miracle."

A miracle she says she couldn't be more grateful to see come true.

"We're really, really thankful to 3 On Your Side for showing our story and for getting it out there so somebody was able to come forward and help us," Behan said.

A huge thank you to Shasta Pools for stepping up.

In a couple weeks, when Shasta is done, 3 On Your Side will air one more report to unveil not only the swimming pool, but we'll also show you some of the "extras" I talked about. And when I say extras, that's an understatement because Shasta and licensed subcontractors are really going above and beyond.