Company files for bankruptcy after woman pays $3,000 for door

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PHOENIX -- Dozens of Valley people say they handed over money to a local business and received absolutely nothing in return. So, they contacted 3 On Your Side for help.

The business is called Distinctive Iron and it has been investigated by 3 On Your Side before.

Well, it looks like Distinctive Iron is back in the news again, this time, with several unhappy customers.

"Well, the door, as you can see, is old and there are cracks in the glass," Laura McCumber said. "You can see all the cracks in the glass."

McCumber loves her home, but the one thing she doesn't like is her aging front door.

"We wanted it to look nice and we wanted it to be secure," she said.

To replace her door, McCumber and her husband hired Distinctive Iron last May. The company was going to custom make a front door for McCumber.

To get things started, McCumber gave Distinctive Iron a $1,500 check and put another $1,700 on her credit card for a total deposit of $3,200.

"The doors were supposed to be ready in October of 2008 and we never got a call," McCumber said. "They never contacted us."

October came and went and McCumber still had her old, warped door. And when she would contact Distinctive Iron, she says she kept getting the brush-off.

McCumber and her husband say they kept calling Distinctive Iron to find out where their new door was. After all, it's going on nearly a year and they still had their old door.

McCumber says that's when Distinctive Iron told them, "Well, give us some more money, maybe some cash or write us a check and maybe your door just might be finished."

McCumber and her husband refused to hand over more money and contacted 3 On Your Side.

We discovered Distinctive Iron recently filed for bankruptcy and shut its doors.

In the meantime, 3 On Your Side continues to receive complaint after complaint from customers who all say they handed over thousands of dollars in deposits, only to find out now that they won't get anything for their money.

"I think the company never intended to install our doors," McCumber said. "They never intended to manufacture. I think they were just getting money not only from us but from other customers."

This is the very reason I always tell people to avoid putting money down if you can, particularly in this economy.

In the meantime, if you're a Distinctive Iron customer, you can recoup some, maybe all, of your money by being listed as a creditor in the bankruptcy filings.

For information on how to do that, .