Solving the mystery behind mushrooms found in Mesa apartment

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MESA - A Valley condo is under siege by mushrooms.

The women who live there were scared to go home because they didn't know what was causing the mushrooms to grow and said they were afraid for their health.

Jamie Sanborn and Cierra Bittick have pictures of a disturbing problem growing inside their Mesa condo.

"I was very disgusted," Bittick said. "Like there are mushrooms growing out of the wall."

The roommates pay nearly $800 a month in rent and say they liked living here until now.

They rented the condo through Action Property Management, but Jaime said when she called to report that mushrooms were sprouting from the wall, they blamed her saying it must be a cleanliness issue.

Despite how many times they cleaned the area, the mushrooms kept coming back.

3OYS called Stan Kikkert, Director of the Bio-Technology program at Maricopa Community College and he agreed to run some tests.

He didn't think it was an imminent health risk and suggested that they scrub the area with a mixture of water and bleach.

Still Jamie and Cierra were worried and wanted to know what was causing these mushrooms to grow?

Since Jamie didn't have much luck on the phone, she filed a written request for Action Property Management to take action. By law the company has ten days to comply.

Action Property Management did not return our requests for an interview but they did finally send someone out to inspect the condo. It turns out the dishwasher was leaking and the company agreed to install a new one.

Arizona law requires landlords to maintain all properties in a fit and habitable condition. If you feel that your property is not being kept up to that standard put your complaint in writing and ask your landlord to take action.

For these roommates in Mesa the problem seems to be solved. The dishwasher was leaking and causing these mushrooms to grow.