My boutique shopping adventure begins

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I'll admit it. I used to be intimidated to shop in small boutiques. I thought they'd be too expensive or too exclusive for someone like me. Boy was I wrong. Boutiques offer a lot of advantages that you might want to explore.

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And, that's my goal with my new fashion segments. I want to highlight diverse and fun local boutiques and also help you solve some of your fashion dilemmas at the same time.

This week's boutique is called Beauty First and is a great example of the best of what a local boutique has to offer. Great customer service, a staff that truly gets to know the customer's wants and wishes, and a nice customer loyalty program that gets you a 20% discount on the first Tuesday of every month. You'll find a virtual rainbow of the popular Last Tango tops - they get top billing as you walk into the store. I picked up a couple because I couldn't resist how cute they were and how wearable. Cute, cute clothes, great accessories and even gift items, skincare and more.

Beauty First is a little adventure - it's like one of those little beauty shop boutiques to the max. And, forget the exclusivity worry I used to have - this place makes you feel at home right away. And, word has it that even more pocketbook-friendly clothing lines are on their way.

I'll admit it right now - I'm loving this boutique-finding adventure. Thanks for coming along!

Beauty First is located in the Pima Crossing Center at 8776 E. Shea Blvd., Suite B2, Scottsdale, 85260. Their phone number is 480-991-4005.