Basset Hound Rescue looking to get back unpaid donations

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PHOENIX - More than two years ago, volunteers from the Arizona Basset Hound Rescue had a plan to help raise funds for their all-volunteer organization. They organized a special event with Peter Pagnotta, owner of Camelback Photography. The event, held in February 2007, was a photo shoot where pet owners could bring in their furry companions to be professionally photographed and 20% of the proceeds would benefit the non-profit rescue.

Pet lover Nora Skog happily paid $199 for her photo shoot, believing that nearly forty-dollars would go directly to help abused and neglected basset hounds like Thelma Lou (featured in video report). Much to her disappointment, however, Nora never received the photos she paid for and ABHR still hasn't received the 20% donation.

Kim Bruck President of the Arizona Basset Hound Rescue said the event was a huge success. "We teamed up with Peter at Camelback photography ... he's a great photographer has done fund raisers for rescues in the past...we thought it was a great idea" Bruck said. But now, more than two-years later, her enthusiasm has turned to disgust. When asked how she felt about the situation, Bruck said "I think it's the principal, but I've got to be honest, we need all the money we can get, our vet bills are over $100,000 each year.

When contacted by 3 On Your Side's Carey Pena, Peter Pagnotta of Camelback Photography said he blames the economy, saying he had to close his studio and is now barely able to make ends meet. Pagnotta still owes ABHR over $300, which can go a long way to help these neglected hounds. When asked if she has any hope of ever seeing that $300 Kim Bruck said "Up until talking with you Carey I didn't but I'm hoping that you have more pull than I do."