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Hey all - I have to tell you this is a cool thing to know. I was hesitant at first, because if you know me, I like to think I'm a crafter, but in reality I'm not. I like to try new ideas but also have absolutely no patience to let things set, and finish them another day - and crafting is rarely a one-hour project.

Watch the segment now

So when I thought about making my own cards, the first thing I thought of was scrap booking - oh how I admire scrap bookers! I just cannot do it - it takes so much patience.

Yet, determined I was to be able to do this. It actually comes down to the fact that I'm quite thrifty and as I look at some of my favorite store-bought cards they range anywhere from $3 to more than $6. Time to come up with a homemade plan.

So I found this kid's project that I love and wanted to teach you. It seems complicated at first but once you GET IT - you've GOT IT! It's fun, versatile and is really cool for kids anywhere from about 9 years old. They'll probably get a handle on it before you do!

But, here's the catch. There's no way to explain this to you in this article. You have to watch to see the process. So just tune in to the right in that little square and watch the segment.

Here are some card making ideas

Once you get the 3-D shell made, you can add anything you like. Make it for any holiday, occasion or even just a friendly card.

I found wonderful little packages of add-ons for absolutely any circumstance at craft and scrap booking stores. All you need is about 6 to paste on. Plus, for kids, you can buy a huge package of those stick-on foamies for all seasons.

I decided to also make one that was very personal - just an, I love you card for my sweet son who's away at school. I printed out our photos from the computer and pasted them on the "steps." Fun and personal.

These also make great invitations if you're having a small party.

And then I got really weird and thought it could even be a cool way to present a book report for school - think about it!

I am so sorry that I can't explain this in writing - but it's worth learning - even if you just do it with your kids. Homemade cards make a grandma smile like nothing else!

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