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I have a couple of friends who love to clean. They do it to relieve stress. They actually love it. I don't understand them at all. I adore them, despite this flaw in their thinking!

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I on the other hand, hate it. I do it because I have to but really find no reward or motivation to do more. So, about a month ago I set out to try some new products that might help make my life a little easier. Now to be honest - I am a product junkie. I love trying new stuff, so another motivation of mine was really obvious when I recently cleaned out my laundry room where I keep my cleaning supplies. Way too many products were living there! So here's what I found I liked and did the trick.

Shark hand held steam cleaner

I love this new tool. It cleans purely with steam - no chemicals or additives. Just fill with water, plug it in and a powerful shot of steam will wipe out germs and gunk. This is great with a micro fiber cloth to clean windows too. I found it at Target for about $30. But remember you don't have to buy another thing to keep using this once you make the initial investment.

Swiffer Dust and Shine

This is the first of the Swiffer line of products that I actually really like. This one's a fave because you can use it on wood, laminate, marble, leather and granite. One product for all those surfaces - that's what I was looking for. It has a great fresh scent and works.

Swiffer 360 Duster

This duster eliminates your old feather duster. Plus, it can easily clean inside vases and around more delicate knick-knacks. Plus, unlike a feather duster, which can't be cleaned, as soon as these get dirty you just pop it off and replace it with a new one.

Swiffer Wet Jet

I have the sweetest little dog - 13 years old and blind. Needless to say, he makes "mistakes." This tool does the trick to quickly clean a tile floor and sanitize. Choose this one over the regular Swiffer sweeper because it has a cleaner that sprays onto the floor along with the disposable pad.

The Famous Sham Wow!

My brother gave me these for Christmas and I laughed at it. I thought it was one of those gag gifts but it turns out that they are really good as far as absorption. They really CAN pick up a lot of wet spills and can take the place of paper towels if you can get out of the habit of reaching for paper for a quick clean up. They're great if you spill on carpet and can be used to clean cars, countertops, appliances, and lots of stuff!

Cleaning your Big Screen TV

Fingerprints are a hassle on the new big screen televisions. And because the screen is not glass, you can't use glass cleaner. If you don't want to be locked into using a special cleaner made especially for them, here's a homemade solution.

Make a 50/50 solution of DISTILLED WATER and EITHER - ISOPROPHYL ALCOHOL or VINEGAR. Don't use rubbing alcohol because it contains oil. Then spray your mixture onto a soft cloth - NOT onto the TV directly and rub gently. The fingerprints will come off. Be gentle those screens are delicate.

So, even though I hate it, I'm cleaning up my act. I'm really like a kid at heart - I need a new toy or two to make a chore fun. Hope you find these work for you too.

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