Best Life: Finding your spirituality

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Bring out your spiritual side

You might know our next expert from VH-1 Scott Baio, I'm 45 and Single show.

Valley life coach Allison Arnold is all about giving out good advice, especially when it comes to bringing out your spiritual side.

"I grew up with no religion whatsoever," David Bell. "So I wasn't ever looking for it or didn't know I was looking for it till my late twenties."

"I never would have done any of this had I not opened myself up to some possibilities," Simi Singh Juneja said.

David Bell and Simi Singh Juneja are both in tune to their spiritual sides.

Something that they say has made their lives more complete.

"When people put in a moment by moment spiritual practice to see their whole life change," Doctor Ali said. "They feel more powerful inside. Their relationships change with others. Abundance in terms of friendship and abundance in terms of money and work comes to them."

Doctor Allison Arnold said there a few things you can do to find your spiritual side.

First one is meditation.

"I teach people to focus on their breathing and to notice that your thoughts are chatter and they come up like clouds," she said. "You can meditate one minute and you can meditate for five minutes. Meditation doesn't mean you need to sit on a cushion and do a hand gesture and spend 30 minutes."

Besides meditation, just going to a peaceful area can help.

One place Doctor Arnold suggests is the Franciscan Renewal Center in Scottsdale.

People can enjoy such things as this healing garden and the labyrinth.

"A lot of time people will start the labyrinth with a question in their mind something that they would like to solve in their life and they'll walk the labyrinth and find as they go through the twists and turns and the dead ends of the labyrinth and still stay present and still trust their walk that they finally come to the answer in the center."

Now if you want to step things up a little a sweat lodge could be the answer you're looking for.

"A sweat lodge is a Native American tradition when you go into a dome shaped structure that's laid with willow and it's kind of like the womb of mother earth and you go in there, it's dark and we bring in hot stones," she said. "And through the prayers and the water on the stones, you melt and virtual let go of anything that is holding you."

The doctor also said another great way to visualize the direction you would like your life to go this year, create a vision board.

"When you cut out from magazines and you draw all kinds of pictures and sayings and everything you want to create in your life both in terms of who you are and what you want to do," she said.

But, no matter what path you take to find your spiritual side it's about feeling good about yourself and the things you do everyday.

"I started to feel better when I started focusing on all of the things I could be grateful for," Juneja said.

"It does give me a peace of mind," Bell said. "It does eliminate a tremendous amount of stress and fear."

Doctor Arnold helps people find their inner self through a workshop called scream and run naked.

She has one this weekend.