Best Life: Eating the right foods to make you healthier

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Valley doctor helps you eat for health & beauty

PHOENIX - He's one of the most famous health gurus around and now Doctor Andrew Weil is helping people in the Valley eat not just for health, but for beauty.

"The food that I have had here is so delicious because you're getting lots of flavor," Rachell Hall said.

"It's fine dining and healthy," Jennifer Sturkie said.

"To know that you can come in a place like this and not think about any choice that you make on that menu is really fantastic," Susan Kricun said.

Healthy food that tastes good seems to be the theme for people who come to the True Food Kitchen at the Biltmore.

"What we like to say is this is really great food," Chef Michael Stebner said. "It just happens to be healthy."

"The fact that Doctor Weil was involved, I was immediately sold," Kricun said.

Best selling author Doctor Andrew Weil and Fox Restaurant concepts have teamed up to give consumers a world of choices including foods used in the Mediterranean, .Asian and other healthy diets.

"We try to be as organic as we possible can, but were also trying to appeal to more than just organic people or more than just vegans or more than just people who have wheat allergies," Chef Stebner said. "We have a little bit for a broad range of people."

Chef Stebner is the executive chef at True Food Kitchen.

He and the doctor are the creative team behind the dishes that are consistent with Weil's anti-inflammatory diet for optimum health.

Those foods include everything from beans to veggies, nuts and fish.

"People are really starting to think about what their putting in their bodies. and i think a lot of it is based on their own health," Chef Stebner said.

This is something registered dietitian Patti Milligan also agrees with.

"I think were starting to realize that all diseases really start from the immune system, so if you have a healthy immune system you're going to age gracefully," she said. "You're going to look beautiful on the inside as well as out. So Doctor Weil is really famous for understanding what anti-aging is and fighting inflammation which is really anti-inflammatory foods."

Some of Milligan's favorite menu items include herb hummus, harvest chopped salad or the T-L-T, which stands for tempeh, lettuce and tomato.

"Tempeh is fermented soy fused with a grain, so it's a healthy protein, but more and more evidence of fido chemicals really helping fight anti-cancer," Milligan said. "What I love when you can look at food as the answer. so now food becomes functionally to help you stay well."

As for these ladies, doing what they can to stay healthy in the new year is at the top of their list.

"I'm always dedicated to not eating foods that are loaded with preservatives, so this is a great choice," Hall said.

"It's good to have a place to come back here and center and get back on the wagon," Sturkie said.

"If I can spend more time being mindful and putting the good stuff in like organic produce and things that are going to help me with anti-aging even in terms of skin care," Kricun said. "I think more consistently and more time focusing on that the better you're going to be off in the long run."