How to tie a bow

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This is one of those topics that just can't be explained well in writing. So, if you're reading this, then you probably can see the little box to the right which is a replay of my segment on - the multi-loop florist bow.

Watch now

So, watch the segment if you want to learn the techniques that I learned. I got a great lesson from a professional gift wrapper and then went online and researched what the other pros were teaching and finally after only a few practice runs, was able to tie a pretty darn good bow.

So, I'm just going to give you the motivation in this article. I've seen pre-made bows for upwards of $5 a piece. And this is exactly the time of year to stock up on all types of ribbon for the rest of the year. Many of the holiday designs can be used year round. When you learn these techniques you can decorate packages all year round, not to mention wreaths throughout the year, to barrettes for your daughter and more.

So as a quick reminder here's what you need to pick up for the florist bow:

Florist wire Scissors Ribbon - wired is best, not wired is usable for a floppier look

That's it kiddos. To be honest, it takes only about 1 or 2 tries to get quite good. I even used my hubby, Bill as my test and even he, with is x-large hands was able to do it. The first one will feel a little clumsy, but just do a couple more and you've got it!

So, finally, let me give you some ideas for these fabulous bows you'll be making. Of course gifts all year round. I just can't stand when the wrapping costs more than the gift itself!! But think also about drapery holdbacks, hanging pictures with a ribbon and bow, bows of seasonal colors to decorate for any holiday, Easter baskets, and party dcor

This is one of those crafty skills that has multiple uses and that makes it worth learning. Have fun; even inexpensive ribbon makes a beautiful bow.

So, go ahead. Push the little button to the right, watch the segment and tie one on!

Live and Learn