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$78 That's what I paid for my latest dry cleaning order. And later, after picking up one camisole for just over $8, I decided to investigate the new frontier of .

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In summary, after trying a couple of products, I must admit I still have some reservations, but also a couple of yes's about home dry cleaning.

These at-home products do not replace professional dry cleaning. No one does it better when it comes to delivering beautifully pressed, cleaned clothing than the pros. But, if you're like me, and want to simply extend the number of visits you make to the dry cleaners, then these products are a nice addition for you.

The Home Dry Cleaning Options

There are several on the market. I liked Dryel the best for a couple of personal reasons. I liked the smell. I liked that they gave me EVERYTHING I needed to do all the steps - for the same price. And, I liked that everything went into a bag for my dryer. There's something about this that I preferred, I don't want everything all over my dryer. Just me.

Dryel costs about $12. I found a coupon online for $3 off on the Dryel website. A reminder here - my blouse cost $8 for one garment. The product comes with enough cleaning cloths to do about 16 pieces. So, if it works - money well spent.

Home Dry Cleaning Expectations

That's the key here!

If you are like me, and for some weird reason expect your clothes to come out of the dryer perfectly pressed and creased - then tune out now.

Your clothes are far from perfect. But, they do smell fresh and are cleaner. Enough so that you can easily wear them again. You must follow the directions and pre-spot clean with the enclosed spot cleaner. Check over each garment carefully for any spot that needs to be treated. The sheet in the bag will NOT remove any stains. It will only freshen. This is huge. SPOT CLEAN or don't bother.

Home Dry Cleaning Summary

This doesn't replace your local dry cleaner. But it does a big thing in this economy. It extends your wear. So, consider using these products in-between wearings for 2 -3 times and then have them professionally dry cleaned. They buy you some time and help to stretch your dry cleaning dollar. Give it a shot.

Live and Learn.

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