Student has portions of skull removed after football injury

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Details on what happened, recovery

GILBERT -- "One day at a time for me..."

Besides having a mild headache, Gilbert high school football player Beua Harris says he's felling pretty good.

"I'll be fine, I just gotta go through the process of healing and hopefully I'll be back at school soon".

That's amazing - considering what #45 went through during Friday night's football game against Desert Vista.

"I remember Saturday and Sunday but nothing about Friday," Beau recalls about his weekend.

"It was a big game. I knew the boys were gonna be playing their hearts out and they did."

But less than two minutes into the game Beau was on the ground, injured in a helmet-to-helmet hit.

Mom Sara ran to his side.

"We went down to the field and then my friend Tommy assessed him over the paramedics shoulders and came back and let me know it was pretty serious." Sara said.

Paramedics treated Beau on the field. He was then airlifted to Scottsdale Healthcare where doctors determined the 16 year old had suffered a subdural hematoma - a severe concusion.

He underwent surgery that night.

"They removed a portion of his skull to stop the hemorraging and basically pinned it back together." Doctor Jon Porman says.

Dr. Porman is not treating Beau, but says these types of concusions are common among atheltes.

"You're talking like one out of every five or ten high school kids will sustain a concusion."

Porman says most people recover from these injuries.

"The concusion is not so much how bad are they at the time of the injury but how long is the severity of the symptoms and how long they'll have to stay out and will they be able to return or not."

Though he more than likely won't be able to be able to return to the field, Beaus prognosis is good.