Screwball comedy lives for a day

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Sometimes a movie seems to be made just for you. With its 1930's glamour, show business theme and English setting, " " was one of those movies for me.

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Oscar winner Francis McDormand plays the down trodden Miss Pettigrew, an out of work governess whose life and wardrobe have seen better days. While begging for a job at the placement agency she seizes opportunity and steals an appointment for an interview with an American actress looking for a well respected assistant. Once there she saves the day for the actress by playing traffic cop to her prolific love life, ushering men in and out of the apartment with the ease of a skilled Madam.

In the course of events, Miss Pettigrew is given a head to toe makeover and she officially assumes the role of Social Secretary to Delysia Lafosse played to the screwball hilt by the beautifully radiant Amy Adams. (Looking more and more like Nicole Kidman by the day!) But Miss Pettigrew's real identity teeters on the brink of exposure when her secret is discovered by the manipulating salon owner Edythe Darlington, played to sinister cupie doll perfection by Shirley Henderson (Harry Potter's Moaning Myrtle!).

Meanwhile time is running out for Delysia and her attempts to catapult her career. Will she abandon the true love of her life, piano playing Michael (Pushing Daisies' Lee Pace) to stay with smarmy club owner Nick (Mark Strong) or kick them both to the curb to marry playboy producer Phil Goldman (Tom Payne)?

Fortunately Miss Pettigrew is there to help her sort things out and everyone else in need of some no nonsense advice. In fact the only thing that seems to constantly elude Miss Pettigrew is a good, solid meal!

The gay, carefree life of fashion shows, swinging nightclubs and hot parties carry on against a backdrop of air raids and impending World War II angst. And yes, though only a single torch song makes it past the cutting room floor, you will be treated to Amy's dulcet tones. With twists and turns, a wicked sense of humor, beautiful art direction and impeccable performances there is much to like about "Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day". And I guarantee you that its sweet, feel good ending will stick with you for many days to come!

"Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day" dresses up in 4 Red Vines for being a vintage treat.