How to fold a napkin and towel tricks

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I just found out that I am going to have a house full of folks this Thanksgiving. And, I couldn't be happier. Both my parents have passed away in the last couple of years, so the holidays have been different and a bit too quiet lately. So, I'm excited to host and to cook a big sit- down meal for my husband's family. They're incredibly easy guests, appreciative, easy-to-please and they notice and acknowledge the little things. That in itself makes me want to add the special touches to their stay. Yet, with the price of food going crazy (I want a feast!) and my budget getting squeezed like absolutely everyone I know, I have sought out the touches that can make guests feel special without it costing any more money. Plus, I want my dollars to go to that great Thanksgiving meal not to the fluff.

Watch now!

When Bill and I recently stayed at a low-cost, business hotel I immediately noticed a neat way they folded the towels. Nothing fancy like the animals they fold on cruises (if you've experienced that it's literally like origami!) But, even though we were very, very far from a resort, I still felt like it was a nice place. I had to dissect the technique to teach you all how to do it. So, I carefully unfolded and refolded the towels and then took Kleenex and duplicated it so I could tuck it into my suitcase and replicate it when I got home to practice for this segment.

The beauty of taking the time to learn these tricks is that it takes items you already have - napkins and towels - and just screams "I took some extra time to make you feel special." Trust me, it will NOT go unnoticed.

If you're reading this, you'll notice that my segment showing the techniques of how to fold a napkin and the towel tricks is available online, right next to this article. This is one of those segments that you just have to watch to understand, so I'll urge you to do that. And, here are the folds I recommend that are quick and easy to learn and some thoughts on how to use them.

How to fold a napkin

I found a great website that you should check out to learn . I looked at a lot of options and this one is the easiest to understand if you want to learn even more folds. I have fallen in love with napkin folding so I'll probably bring you more in segments for future holidays but just in case you want to check it out.

For Thanksgiving and the upcoming holidays I loved The Rose and The Standing Fan. Even if you don't want to do all your dinner napkins, these two can be great simply for your buffet table or food display. Just doing a couple of napkins adds a lot of panache to your table. If your family does a more casual Thanksgiving or holiday meal and use paper napkins consider the Candle Napkin or the Basic Silverware Pouch. They stay together pretty well and are easy for your guests to grab.

Guest Towel Tricks

Okay, again, if you can watch the segment to see how I do this please tune in. It's really simple. What I love is that it immediately becomes the focal point in your bathroom or guest room and really makes your guest feel welcome and special. As you see, the simple folds work with bath, hand and washcloth size towels. Plus, keep this in mind. If you want to do this with the towels you already own but want to add a touch of fall or holiday, consider picking up inexpensive washcloth size towels. That's what I did. I purchased a stack of autumn colored washcloths at Target for about $7 and used them as the accordion folded accents that you see in the segment.

The towel "basket" is really fun and unusual for your guests. This is perfect if folks are staying with you overnight. I like to put in soap, maybe shower gel or even a lotion. It's a lovely touch, as your guests have their towel, a washcloth and some fun products to try all packaged up especially for them. Delightful!

These are great ways to add a little luxury to life and to your special family gatherings. People will feel special and be impressed. Get the kids involved and it makes the day even more special.

Live and Learn.