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Decoupage Basics For many years I have heard of crafters extraordinaire creating beautiful projects using the techniques of . Plus, friends of mine have made gifts and created memories using photos and other paper heirlooms with, again, decoupage. Yet, I never ventured into what is sometimes known as the crafting world's easiest craft.

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So, imagine my interest when I was shopping a while ago and saw a really cute collection of holiday table settings that included a whole line of paper products, plates, napkins, etc. - all accompanied by these really cute decorating pieces - votives, glass vases and such all that match the paper products. But, well, cha-ching! The whole ensemble was pretty pricey but really cute. So, I decided to figure out a way to re-create them - and that led me to the elusive craft of decoupage.

Here's what I learned. Decoupage is easy but it takes a little bit of practice and the right products. So here we go.

What Is Decoupage?

Decoupage is the art of cutting paper and securing it to any other material by using a varnishing medium. These days it's mostly done with a glue product. But, it started with varnish. Usually cutouts or photos or mementos are glued and varnished to create a beautiful keepsake.

Now Here's My Take on It - As a True Beginner.

I wanted to use the techniques of traditional decoupage with the concept of a mosaic. If you've watched any of my crafting segments, you know I'm a lazy crafter - I want it easy and I want to get it done in one sitting and pretty quickly.

So I bought my paper napkins and tore pieces like to make a mosaic. I bought some $1 votives of various sizes at a dollar store and a couple at the craft store. Plus, I picked up the product of choice - Mod Podge, and some of those cheap sponge brushes to use to apply. You also can use watered down white glue - but you won't get the choice of finishes that Mod Podge provides.

Mod Podge comes in three "styles" - shiny, matte and the new sparkly. Each gives the expected finish, very much like paint finishes. So, just pick the one you like best. I have to say, I like the shiny and the sparkly - especially for holiday stuff.

How to Decoupage

Here's all you do. Prep your materials. It's messy, so cover your surface with paper. Then, I found the Mod Podge to be a little too thick, so I added a little bit of water and it worked better.

But you just put some Mod Podge on the item you are decoupaging then apply the pieces of napkin. Cover a small area and top with more Mod Podge. It's that easy. Let each layer dry and apply 2 - 3 coats depending on the finish you want.

This turned out so easy that I later went out and bought some tissue paper and that worked really, really well, too. I was a decoupage maniac, covering gift boxes, glass candle jars, even, getting silly here - a soap bottle.

I also ended up with exactly what I wanted. Cute little coordinating votives and accessories to go along with my casual holiday paper products for Thanksgiving week.

This is indeed a craft for all ages and especially one for someone like me - the laziest and most impatient crafter of all. Give it a try! It's fun.

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