Shopping on a budget

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With the holidays closing in our closed wallets, I decided to challenge myself and go of five dollar finds. See just how far I could stretch a five-dollar bill.

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At first, the limited merchandise I could find for five bucks and under made me consider changing the name of my column to "Ten for Ten Bucks and Under," but I decided that I could indeed uncover fall finds for five dollars or less. So, I tried a little harder, slowed down my shopping speed and managed to take home some good deals and beauty steals.

Read on to see how I did with my five-dollar shopping challenge. I think you will find some items that will be useful to you and even some gift ideas that turn your five ones into one great holiday shopping. Plus, I found several deals that offer free stuff and even twenty bucks back. I'll start with my favorite finds.

Here are my "Shopping on a budget" favorite finds

Festive fingernails & free lamps Tis' the season for festive nail colors like hot reds, so I was thrilled to find that Ulta beauty stores offer two Ulta brand nail colors for ten bucks! I purchased four bottles that also included glittery gold, a bronze brown and a shiny silver shade. All four cost me $20 and I walked out with these two stylish lamps to boot!

Ulta offers two free lamps with any $20 purchase of Ulta products. I haven't decided if I am going to keep these cool little lamps or wrap them up for a perfect present. My niece needs stuff for her first college apartment and these lights work great.

Good find, but hurry the lamp promo lasts through this Saturday, November 8th!

Great gift that gives cash back Olay Body Lotion Ribbons is a multi-tasking tool that saves me time in the mornings because it is a body wash and a moisturizer all in one. Pair with the Soap & Glory Scrub Gloves and you have a great spa gift for a gal. Both items sell for under five bucks each and Olay has a deal that puts cash back in your pocket. Visit and print out the coupon/rebate form.

Spend $50 on Olay moisturizers and body wash products and you can get $20 bucks back by sending in the rebate. So stock up or stuff stockings because this is a great gift idea and a decent deal!

Cool caps & great gloves Hard to believe, but this hat and double glove set sells for under two bucks each. Target offers this incredible price and it is not on sale. For four dollars, you get one cute cap, which comes in different colors, and two pairs of gloves. Great gift idea or get one for yourself and keep warm while looking stylish.

Holiday hair stuff Decorating hair has never been so cheap! These festive fasteners sell for fewer than five dollars each at Target. The beaded hair bands are bright and fun and enhance any outfit. Again, a great gift idea or a beautiful addition to your own hair style!

Save on your shades I noticed a full rack of stylish sun glasses that were all priced at $5.99 and $4.99. In fact, the sign on top of the four-sided spinning display packed with all sorts of shades plainly advertised $5.99 and $4.99. Now that is a sign that draws me over! Again, from wonderful Target!

Green for the earth and easy on your wallet I love these makeup bags! They are made out of recycled materials and cost under $5 each at Target. Give a gift that gives back to the earth and to your wallet!

So, I did it! I conquered my five dollar challenge and found some fabulous fall finds. It is nice to know that our hard-earned five dollar bills actually have some value, especially since the holidays are upon us. Here is to a smooth shopping spree that enables you to stretch your budget one five dollar bill at a time!