Boo-tiful and fun Halloween ideas

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May the holidays begin! That simple statement could do one of two things to you. It could send shivers up your spine. Or, it could make you want to immediately get to your garage, closet or storage shed and start pulling out boxes of your treasures hidden away since last year as you begin the first round of decorating for .

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This year, with all the economic stresses and struggles the holidays may prove to be a little more difficult. But, here's the positive spin - they may also become simpler, more creative and personal. Less of the store-bought and more of the homemade or at least the creative little touches that make the holiday season more memorable.

So, I've officially started my research in bringing you easy, really affordable ideas throughout this holiday season that can easily create memories and fun, despite what's happening around us in this crazy world.

Let's start with some of my first ideas for a boo-tiful Halloween. These fit my standards. They are easy, very affordable and fun to complete because they don't take much time. If you can, take a moment to watch the segment for the visuals that go along with these ideas. I always do so much better with a project if I can see the finished product. I'll list the items you need to complete each here, but take a peek at the segment how-to if you can.

Handmade Luminarias Luminarias are a tradition at Christmas but they have gained a lot of popularity at Halloween also. These are two fun options.

Mummy Luminarias Assorted clear jars Black construction paper - cut out shapes for eyes and mouth. I simply used circles Masking tape Votive or tea light candles

As shown, simply stick the face cutouts on the outside of the jar with tape. Now, "wrap" like a mummy with the tape until covered. Plop in a candle and they light up the night.

Electric Ghosts Empty plastic milk gallons Black permanent marker String of white lights (if possible, white cords)

This couldn't be easier. Simply draw on a spooky face on the milk jugs. Cut a small, 3-4 inch hole on the opposite side. At night, start at one end and place about 6 - 7 of the lights into the milk jug, leave some lights out and place the next one fairly close. At night these easy, affordable electric ghosts glow beautifully without any candle or fire danger. These are perfectly safe if you have a lot of little ones in capes and princess dresses running around.

Eyeball Mania I found these adorable, sugar, edible mini eyeballs at ABC Cake Decorating at 2853 E. Indian School Road in Phoenix (602-224-9796) went crazy! They keep them behind the counter so just ask for them. The cake pros at this store are so nice; they'll be thrilled to help. Take a peek at the segment for at all the things I put them on and then have fun yourself. My favorites were the small Oreo Cakes, the mini meringues and the pudding mud bog monsters. FUN - go crazy with these. They're an affordable $1.99 for 12 pairs of eyes.

Witches Hat Cookies Fudge Stripe cookies by Keebler Hershey Kisses A regular tube of orange decorator frosting with a small writing tip

Turn the cookie upside down so that the stripes are facing down. Unwrap a chocolate kiss, add a dab of the frosting as "glue" and center it on top of the upside down cookie. Now, using the frosting tube, draw a ring to look like a headband around the kiss where it "joins" the cookie. Add a freeform bow and sprinkle with edible glitter or sprinkles for even more fun. The glitter is also available at ABC Cake Decorating or at Michael's craft stores.

Witches' Broom Goodie Bags Brown paper lunch size bags Small plastic sandwich bags Raffia or ribbon Spooky looking sticks, Halloween pencils or florist sticks.

Take a simple brown lunch and unfold it. Cut strips to look like the straw of a broom all the way around. Loosely separate the strips so that you can set something inside. Fill a plastic baggie with goodies of your choice put that bag into the center of the cut paper bag. Now fold up the strips and gather over the plastic bag to hide the treats. Place a stick into the center to look like the broomstick handle and gather it all around about 3 inches down from the top of the bag. Tie with raffia or ribbon and it'll look like a little witches' broom. I thought these would be the perfect "wrap" for caramel apples, too.

I love Halloween and autumn. So, I'll be bringing more fun Halloween ideas to you before the end of the month. Next week, look for autumn fun ideas that will be appropriate for school parties or if you don't celebrate Halloween. Have fun with any of these and remember that it doesn't take a lot of money or a lot of time to make the season's holidays memorable. I'll keep bringing you options. Thanks so much for watching.

Live and Learn.