Fast food restaurant caught writing insults on receipt

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PHOENIX - Two Valley boys insulted for fumbling their order at a fast food restaurant and the boy's mother is fuming.

She sent her sons to sonic to pick up dinner, but now she tells us her family won't be going back anytime soon.

It's known for girls on roller skates, carhops, and food with a 1950's feel.

But judging by a receipt, the Sonic drive-in on lower buckeye in Avondale is serving up insults with its burgers.

"On the first receipt my son had noticed that it said under customer information that it said "dumb kid", Donna Pace said.

Pace has three sons, so like many Valley families, money is tight.

"I'm a single parent, they don't get treats that often," Pace said.

It made it all the more memorable when Donna sent her 11-and-14-year-old sons to Sonic to redeem a "buy-one-burger-get-one-free" coupon.

"We were having trouble ordering the food and they put on the receipt "dumb kid" on the receipt," her son said.

Donna said instead of trying to help Teron and Treyton place their order, the waiter rang up a round of rude.

"Low and behold, the second receipt said second dumb kid which I flipped out," she said.

Shocked, Donna called Sonic for an explanation.

She said managers apologized and promised the 'situation would be handled.'

Sonic also offered her free food, but by then, Donna said the damage had been done.

"They don't know my kids and my kids aren't dumb," she said.

3 On Your Side contacted Sonic, and in a statement, a company spokesperson said:

"Thank you for giving us the opportunity to respond to your query regarding an unfortunate incident at the Sonic Drive-In of Phoenix on Lower Buckeye Road.

A former employee made an unfortunate choice and labeled a customer ticket that featured inappropriate language. This is a regrettable incident and not representative of our great brand.

The franchisee organization that owns this Sonic Drive-In took immediate action when they received the complaint from the customers' mother. The employee who made the decision to use inappropriate language was ultimately terminated and the crew members of the drive-in were re-educated on proper use of drive-in procedures and customer service. It is our understanding from the family that this Sonic Drive-In resolved the issue to the family's satisfaction and consequently, the family continues to frequent this Sonic Drive-In.

Sonic Drive-Ins serve more than a million customers each day. Sonic values the special relationships we share with our customers and we are committed to serving high-quality products delivered curbside by smiling Sonic carhops."

Donna hopes her children learn from this experience to treat everyone equally and she hopes the sonic employee who punched-in the put-down learns something as well.