Nonprofit agency pays for sign but never receives it

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SURPRISE -- A nonprofit organization was taken for $3,300.

The name of the organization is Mosaic and they just recently expanded out to the West Valley, but their expansion came with an expensive lesson.

Mosaic helps Valley residents of all ages.

"Our agency is very important," Brandon Ramsey said. "We provide services for adults and children with developmental disabilities throughout the Valley."

Ramsey says the agency has been so successful that they've expanded around the Valley, including to a new satellite office in Surprise.

But try telling folks where the new office is located.

"I usually tell them we're on the corner towards the back," Ramsey said. "That's pretty much all we can do."

That's because the organization doesn't have a sign out front.

Now, they want a sign. In fact, they paid for a sign, but the guy they hired to install a sign has run off with their money.

A $3,300 check was written to Diversified Sign Solutions in August.

The company's owner, James Fitzsimmons, reportedly wanted the entire money upfront.

So where is James Fitzsimmons? Well, no one seems to know.

3 On Your Side went to his store front in Tempe, but it was closed.

One thing is for sure, though. He has $3,300 and this nonprofit organization that helps people has absolutely nothing to show for it.

"You kind of put trust into people and kind of rely on it and it upsets you to know that there are people out there trying to make a buck and ripping people off," Ramsey said.

Whether you're a consumer or a company or an organization, this is another example of why you need to hand over no money or as little money as possible.

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