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Great style: Plus-size clothing boutique - Shopping is supposed to be fun, right? Well, if you're not a straight-off-the-rack sized woman it can often be more frustrating than fun.

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Shopping is supposed to be fun, right? Well, if you're not a straight-off-the-rack sized woman it can often be more frustrating than fun. Trust me, at 6 feet tall, I've had days of literally trying on what seemed like an entire store without finding an inseam or a sleeve long enough. If you're a plus-size woman, it has probably been so much worse -- few store options, designer brands or manufacturers sending you to shop online for your clothes.

Plus Size Styles

Did you know that upwards of 65% of American women are a size 12 and over. The average woman's size lands somewhere between a 12 and 14. So I sought out store options dedicated to this customer who wants to be stylish, pulled together and trend conscious regardless of size.

Enter Torrid; this is a national chain of stores with an online shopping component that truly caters to a new breed of plus size beauty. Their clothing comes in sizes 12 - 26 and XL, 0, 1, 2, and 3. Notice there's no x after those numbers. Metrocenter manager, Lori, told me that women didn't like the x on the sizing like you normally see - so they dropped it. Also, they have that size 0 option for ladies between an XL and a 1. They have vignettes of collections throughout the store like Bohemian Bazaar, Graphic and Neon, Liquid eveningwear and more. They translate the latest looks into designs that fit and flatter the fuller figured gal.

They have a huge selection of jeans - probably the hardest thing to find to fit perfectly no matter what size you are. Plus, tucked in the back of the store is a whole department of lingerie - difficult to find larger sizes that are sexy and pretty.

Plus, Torrid really understands some of the more subtle needs of its customer. Bracelets are a little bigger, especially bangles, rings are sized larger, necklaces are just a tad longer and even shoes run a bit wider and longer.

And if you're really tuned into the latest names in fashion, Torrid carries many designer names in a plus size - such as some items periodically by Betsey Johnson, Silver, Ed Hardy, Z Cavarichi and more.

The section dedicated to high school and college girls is a mom's dream if your girls a 12 - 26. Tops are slightly longer and layering is a key feature of many looks - still trendy but a little more modest.

Finally, a fun, cool shopping experience for plus size ladies!

The fashions shown on the show are from the Torrid store at Metrocenter Mall, Dunlap and I17, 602-943-1480.

They also have stores in Fiesta Mall, Arrowhead Town Center, Superstition Springs Mall and San Tan Mall. Their website is

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