Family heirlooms shipped a year ago still haven't arrived

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PHOENIX -- A Valley man says a shipping company has lost some very precious family heirlooms so he contacted 3 On Your Side for help.

We're talking about a sewing machine and a desk. Now, the items may not sound like a big deal to most folks, but to John Baird, the sewing machine and desk are part of who he is.

"I remember the desk sitting in our living room, literally, in the 1950s," Baird said. "The sewing machine mom had had for a long time so I remember her sitting at the sewing machine sewing."

Baird has many fond childhood memories so when his mother passed away, he wanted a few pieces of furniture that would help keep those memories alive.

"For sentimental value they're hugely valuable for us just because we had them so long and have so many fond memories attached to them," he said.

Since he needed the desk and sewing machine transported from another state, he did some research and decided that a company by the name of Timex Express would be his best bet.

"I figured OK, this looks like a pretty good company," Baird said. "The price seems to be a little more reasonable with what I would expect so that is why I chose them."

For $500, Baird says Timex Express guaranteed to have the antique items shipped to him within 10 days, but a full year later the items have never arrived.

"There was a variety of excuses that kind of happened along the way," Baird said. "But they don't respond at all now so are they even in business now? I'm not real sure."

So, Baird turned to 3 On Your Side.

"To get the desk and the sewing machine back would be fabulous," Baird said. "To find out where they are so we could go them ourselves would be fabulous. To find out what happened to them -- even that would be some sense of closure."

Timex Express looked into the matter for 3 On Your Side and located Baird's treasured heirlooms sitting in storage.

The company says it is now shipping the items to Baird -- just the kind of closure he says he needed.

Timex Express would not give 3 On Your Side a date on when they actually plan on shipping the items and in a statement they tell us they can't believe we wasted our time looking into this issue.

Baird is certainly glad we did and we'll let you know if he actually receives his items.