Super sexy heroes: Watchmen movie review

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They wear capes, boots and all manner of masks, bearing names like The Comedian, Rorschach and Dr. Manhattan. But these superheroes drink, lie,rape, kill innocent people, have 'super' sex and one in particular has an aversion to clothing, unless it's the occasional metallic g-string! In other words these superheroes are of the 'adult' variety as is their movie "Watchmen."

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Based on a popular graphic novel series of the same name, " " takes place in an alternate 1985 America. Having lost favor with ordinary citizens, the superheroes have retired until one of their own is killed and a plot to kill them all is revealed. A handful of survivors unite to solve the mystery, prevent their own demise and of course save America from a nuclear holocaust in the process.

That's the simple plot in a nutshell. But the execution of this simple plot is what makes "Watchmen" so watchable. It is visually stunning! If you see the movie for no other reason than that, you will not be disappointed. I found the graphic violence to be disturbing and a total turnoff but I for one was not offended by the nudity or sex sceneselements that I'm sure men will find far more appealing than women.

Perhaps the scariest part about this movie was the fact that Nixon had been re-elected to serve 5 terms as President! YIKES! A world like that would indeed need a fistful of superheroes willing to fight dirty!

While the cast has plenty of acting credits to claim, the faces will look familiar but probably not their names. The funny thing is that so many of them are star lookalikes! I found myself sitting there going "That sure looks like a younger, meatier Robert Downey Jr. But it can't be". It wasn't. Playing The Comedian is Jeffrey Dean Morgan. "Hey wait a minute! Is that Danny Bonaduce holding a protest sign?" Nope. It's Jackie Earle Haley as small, wiry, tough-as-nails Rorschach. "Wait a minute. That cannot be Chevy Chase, he's way too young!" It wasn't. It was Patrick Wilson as Nite Owl II looking like a dead ringer for Chevy Chase ala 1978's " Foul Play"! "And is that Lucy Lawless as Silk Spectre II?" Wrong again! That's Malin Akeman as the sexiest super heroine to grace the screen since Xena!

Plot holes aside and an interminable 2 hours and 42 minute length, I really enjoyed "Watchmen". I wish it hadn't of been so violent though I'm the first to admit that I am not the target audience. But when it comes to such stylish movie making, I'm all in!

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LADIES ROOM LOWDOWN: I took a male friend with me who wasn't particularly impressed. But I spoke to a fanboy who was crazy about the movie. So crazy that he's already eagerly anticipating the Director's Cut release. The much longer Director's Cut release. Yes, longer than 2 hours and 42 minutes! Now that's a fan!