Dime Store decorating for spring

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Does anyone out there remember when some stores used to be called Dime Stores. When I was a young girl in Chicago, I used to walk with my mom and brothers nearly every other day to the dime store. I think they were called that because you could actually get a lot for 10 cents.

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I've had to stretch that 10 cents a bit for this segment, but I'v e kept my ideas very inexpensive. That said, it's Spring and many of us like to toss a new little tidbit into our decorating mix with the start of each new season. This year, many of us are watching our dimes a little closer, but we still love the feeling of sprucing up our homes.

So, after perusing countless decorating magazines, I've come up with three key trends for home decorating this spring and summer. Then, I thought of some ways to interpret them in economical ways. Usually with a new trend, you want to take it a little slow anyway and try it out. So, this allows you to bring in a taste of the new with barely more than the cost of take-out. As you watch the segment, think about your own tastes and things that you already have and see how you can make each your own. These are just thoughts I had on ways to work them into my home - hopefully it'll just get your brains working on ideas for you.

A Pop of Color

Color is important this spring in fashion and home dcor. But, instead of switching out total color schemes try adding an accent of one or more of the new colors of spring. I kept seeing three prominent colors - yellow, orange and a limey green. What a coincidence that these are the colors of lemons, green apples, limes and oranges. Try working with artificial or real fruit and bring in a trendy color that way. Or how about just purchasing an orange plant pot or a couple signature dishes to layer on top of your plain white dishes? Plus, fresh or artificial flowers can bring in the colors beautifully.


This I saw everywhere. Groups of similar things arranged together to create a sort of tablescape. I think this may come out of the trend of using what we own more. So reach in your cupboards and pull out your candlesticks or vases and then think creatively. I made groupings of candles, vases and even bathroom stuff. Here are a couple quick beginner's tips I learned about groupings - vary the heights and shapes of the objects, don't be afraid to mix it up - put gold with silver, wood with glass, etc. If you're doing candles like I did, take a look at the pieces, if they are mostly alike, then mix up the candle colors. If the bases are all different, you may want to keep the candles consistent. But, again that's up to you. Take a look at all the stuff you have, pull it out, group it into vignettes. It's big this year in dcor.

Global Chic

I heard a great tip that sums this one up - every room could use a little animal print. Now, there's a great chair with zebra fabric that I'm dying to own one day - can't afford it right now so I had to make do. Think about a little touch of animal for one room in your home by using a throw pillow (or making one.) Or so something like I did. I found a cool box of stationary in a animal print box for $3.99. I'm going to set it on a coffee table in my living room. But, then I took out 2 of the note cards, dug out a couple of unused frames and put them inside. Now I have a little wall grouping and a box for a table that brings that touch of the wild side to my shabby chic living room.

Dcor should be fun. And, that's what I'm hoping this segment inspires. Keep these trends in mind and figure out fun ways to make one or more work in your home. It gives your home a little kick that is well worth more than that old dime would have gotten you.

Enjoy, have fun and Live and Learn