Movie Review: Taken, Once a Spook, Always a Spook!

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Who would have ever thought that Liam Neeson would reinvent himself into an action hero at his age?! Not I but I defy anyone to not buy into that concept after seeing Neeson kick some major butt in "Taken"!

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As a retired secret intelligence operative, Neeson wants nothing more than to re-connect with the teenage daughter he has neglected during his career heyday. But instead of spending some quality time with her father, the 17 year old embarks on a cross European tour following U2. Dad, all too familiar with the dangers of traveling abroad is horrified but unable to fight his stubborn daughter and clueless mom (Famke Janssen). So he does the only thing he can: give his daughter strict instructions about checking in and a phone with international access. And faster than you can say, "Oh, Dad!" daughter and friend find themselves 'Taken"!

Soon Neeson is calling upon every 'skill' in his set as a ' preventer' to prevent the very worst from happening to his abducted daughter. And while you might complain that the script harkens back to a time when villains and heroes were one dimensional characters cloaked in either black or white with no shades of grey in between, it's very effective in terms of rousing the audience to cheer on the hero.

And cheer they did in the showing I went to! Neeson's character is unrelenting in his search and destroy mission. This impressive actor has no trouble convincing one and all that he could even double o seven to rescue his daughter if necessary!

Speaking of 007, my biggest complaint about the spy's latest caper was that "Quantum of Solace" was nothing more than one big chase sequence. It's funny because almost the same thing could be said about 'Taken'. But this tight, fast paced 90 minute movie was ultimately much more satisfying, even without the sexy Daniel Craig!

"Taken" snatches 4 Red Vines for being so 'cheer-full'

LADIES ROOM LOWDOWN: I can't remember the last time I went to a movie where the audience was so vocal! The woman next to me pretty much talked back to the screen the whole time but she was by far not the only one to do so! Frequent audience outbursts peppered the movie. At one point I applauded when a particular bad guy got his come-uppins and a man from the back of the theater shouted 'Amen!' Yeah. We were all that into it.and loving it!

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