Super Bowl fan fare

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We are simply not used to this football ! Can you believe it! So, I was thinking that maybe a sort of "fan refresher course" might come in handy. Now, if you're like me you don't want to spend a lot on decor and favors, but you want your football party to have some flare.

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I say think back to good 'ol high school or college football days. Most everyone will appreciate it; you'll have a great looking party and will barely spend anything at all for the result.

The Super Bowl Banner Start here! All you'll need is some paper in your team's color (or I cheated by using white paper and printing the letters in Cardinal Red off my computer). You can also have the kids take part and write the letters themselves. Print out one letter per page, and I added some stability to the bottom of each page by merely cutting little strips and curling them with scissors. Next, just tape the pages to the ribbon and tie on some other ribbon in your team's colors between letters and words. Easy!

The Super Bowl Pom Poms Who didn't want to be a cheerleader? I was always too tall and way too uncoordinated, so here's my chance. And get this, these really cool pom poms are made with regular trash bags. You'll need ten for each pom pom, some duct tape or electrical tape and scissors.

Watch the technique in the segment and they'll come together easily. My only warning is the cutting part is a little tiring so allow enough time between them if you're creating more than one. But, consider taking these to any party you're attending or they'd even be fun to take to a sports bar.

The Super Bowl Wardrobe I said this last year, and I'll say it again, I can't stand boxy men's athletic t-shirts on women. We have so much to show off!! So, here's this year's rendition of T-shirt surgery Linda style. Last year, I did a tube top. This year I'm covering a little bit more - 10 pounds to be exact! Buy a T-shirt at least one size too big. The cut up the side seams to just under the sleeves. Then, cut horizontal strips toward the center about the same length as the shirt is too big (usually about 2 - 3 inches long). Do on both sides. Now, I like to make the crew neck into a boat neck so make that a little wider - do not worry about sewing, this is a special event, deconstructed design - too cool to sew!

Roll up the sleeves, slip it on, tie up the sides (with a tank top underneath, please!) and have some fun. You'll look fitted and better than the other girls in your custom tee.

So there you go, a party is about to happen. Up next, the food and drink... tune in for more.

Oh I forgot - Go Cards!

Live and Learn.