Best Life: Getting in shape for the new year

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Best Life: Getting in shape for the new year

PHOENIX - Another year means another chance to shed those un-wanted pounds, but do you have what it takes to keep it off for good.

"You just get in a routine and you get bored and you're trying to find something else that motivates you more," Mindy Woodyard said.

Tom Maiefski and Mindy Woodyard are like a lot of people who want to lose weight, but sometimes life just get's to busy.

"Everyone has the time it's just a matter of making it," Scott Keppel said.

Personal trainer Scott Keppel believes if you want to kick off your new year the healthy way, you need to do it the right way.

"People do new years resolutions it should be a new life resolution," Woodyard said. "You know it should be something that you plan on sticking to your entire life."

"You say by March 31 that I want to lose 10 pounds and this is how I'm going to do it," Maiefski said. "You keep track of everything and that's the thing you need to log your food and your exercise and the people that don't hardly ever make it."

Scott said to help you stay on that health kick all year long another way to be successful is find an exercise you enjoy doing.

"If you like video games and with so many out there, the Wii, Dance, Dance Revolution are good alternatives for some people to start off," Scott said. "For others they may find that boring or to easy so they may need to do one on one or group training."

In Maiefski's case, it was video games that got him to start working out with Scott on a more consistent basis.

"When I started playing Wii bowling and I got really sore and I couldn't get up the next day," Maiefski said.

"I do need someone pushing me along maybe not everyday, but fifty percent of the time."

As for Mindy, she likes to shake things up from doing one on ones with Scott to group training.

"I try to do cardio classes," she said. "If its kickboxing or yoga or body attack, I try to do one of those things to just kind of mix it up."

Now just because today's economy isn't the best, doesn't mean you have to push your fitness goals to the wayside.

"So we use very little equipment," Scott said. "So that you can go in and do something effective. Also the things we did could be done at home, could be done outside, could be done in the corner of the gym."

So no matter what route you take to lose weight, making attainable goals to get there might make things a whole lot easier.

"I think people fall off because they let either work consume their life, or family consume their life," Woodyard said. "When I think about working out is this is my personal time for me to make myself better. So work can't have that and my family can't have that. This is just something for me to release stress and just focus on myself."

If you would like more information on getting fit for the new year you can get in touch with Scott at or 480-820-0835.