Quick beauty tips and tools for busy women

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Hard to believe, but the busy fall and holiday season has arrived. And now more than ever, our budgets are tight. So I've decided to share my favorite quick fix ideas to help keep you on schedule, put out fashion fires and make life a little bit easier. Most of the products are under $20, and some might be great holiday gift ideas for someone on your list.

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Beauty Tip #1: Helpful hair fix

Aveda Pure Abundance Hair Potion was recommended to me from both a Denver hair stylist and my gal pal, Becky who swears by the stuff. Becky tells me that this product really adds volume to her fine hair. I personally like it for the mornings when I wake up late and don't have the extra time to wash and then dry my mane. Working the powder in my scalp absorbs excess oil and gives me an extra day to put off a shampoo, which by the way, is healthy for your hair. Plus, dirty hair actually makes a better updo, so using this potion will provide more lift when massaged into the roots while absorbing the excess oils. This results in a beautiful bun or terrific twist with little effort and a lot of time saved! At $23.00 a bottle, this is my most expensive tool, but it is a highly recommended product and a little goes a long way. Find it at www.aveda.com or in Aveda store mall locations.

Beauty Tip #2: Flaky lip fix

Your lips feel dry so you do a mirror check and discover that your lipstick looks like flaky cake crumbs on your mouth. That makes most gals self-conscious and often times applying more lipstick only makes it worse! For some reason, Chapstick has never been the solution for my overly dry lips, either. So, I was thrilled to find a product tested and endorsed by Glamour Magazine. Glospa Exfoliating Lip Wand deflakes and leaves your lips with a sweet peach scent. Plus it sell for $15, which is not a bad price. So, I ordered a tube, and I too, agree that this quick lip fixer gives us gals something to smile about! Do watch out for excessive shipping costs. If I had ordered my tube directly from the company, I would have paid shipping fees that were almost half the price of the product. I discovered a discount website called www.beautybridge.com which sold me the product at the same price and with free shipping.

Beauty Tip#3: Fashion fire fix

It happens to all of us. In fact, it happened to me during a television segment. This particular segment was going well when all of a sudden I stopped listening to the topic and instead found my eye glued to the traveling bra strap sliding down and then resting on my unsuspecting shoulder. The worst part is that I never felt it and kept right on going! I am sure that I lost the viewer's attention at that point because that pesky black strap was very distracting! I wish I would have had Matchsticks in my quick fix tool box back then! Each cute little book contains clear double-sided tape that can quickly fix not only bothersome bra straps, but also a button down blouse that is busting open, fallen hems and many other fashion fires, as the clever website explains. Get your $10 book at www.herlook.com.

Beauty Tip#4: Show some leg fix

Although my legs are not what they used to be, I still want to wear shorts and especially skirts without confining panty hose. So, I am thrilled with Olay's new answer for those of us that want to expose our legs, but cover our imperfections. Olay Body Age Transform Skin Tone Equalizer does the trick. I applied the lotion to my lower thighs, right above my knees, where spider veins have decided to make an unwelcome appearance since entering my 40's. It was kind of magical because it didn't cover immediately, but when I checked out my legs 15 minutes later AND in the brutally-honest sunlight, the veins were indeed covered! Not only does this stuff moisturize, but it also gives you the safe kind of tan since it includes a hint of sunless tanner that blends with your skin throughout the day. So, your exposed legs get the cover you need and that sun-kissed glow you want. For me, that works when I'm on the go! Oh and the best news is that this big tube sells for only $8.99 at drug stores. It also does not rub off on clothing which is a real plus!

Beauty Tip#5: Fast feet fix

Tis the season for high heels, but painful pumps can slow you down, so I was happy to find Foot Petals. What makes these shoe inserts different is that they are made for all types of high heels. The Stiletto Stylist Kit has cushions for sexy stilettos, sling backs, strappy heels and more. They are also attractive and can even be purchased in lavender to add a sweet scent to your sexy shoes. Most styles cost under $10 with the complete Stiletto Kit selling for just under $50. This gift kit includes six styles that work for a variety of your high heeled needs. Foot petals are also a favorite celebrity product as Teri Hatcher and Cheryl Hines shows us in these photos. Also interesting to note is that

Foot Petals designer Tina Aldatz Norris came up with the idea after she spent years cutting and shaping her blue and bulky orthopedic insoles to fit her stylish heels. In 2004, the American Podiatric Medical Association endorsed many of her Foot Petal products. So, this is the type of product line that I like to write about because it was invented by a woman, affordable and recommended by the experts. Tina's company definitely steps up to the plate with a great concept that frees our feet from pain. Order yours at www.footpetals.com.

Beauty Tip#6: Hot flash fix

Although it won't permanently cure hot flashes, it does provide a bit of instant relief. The Finders Key Purse Fan pops right out of it's portable holder to become a mini-fan.

Believe it or not, I found it at a post office store in Chandler called PostalAnnex. The shop is located right next door to AJ's Fine Foods in the Casa Paloma Shopping Center at Ray Road and Priest in Chandler. The saleswoman told me that women suffering from hot flashes love this little device. At under five bucks, I went ahead and bought one. I have used this little cooler when the Phoenix heat threatens to sweat my makeup right off my face. This handy little fan comes to the rescue every time, which is a cool tool to know about.

Hopefully, some of my above suggestions will find a home in your quick fix kit or is that perfect gift idea that you have been searching for. As we work our way through the holiday season, I will work to include some unique and affordable gift suggestions to keep your beauty needs and your life on a budget.