Scarves are hot fashion trend in 2008

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Tie One On! are one of those accessory items that have been around forever -- a statement of chic style from Jackie O to Lana Turner. But even though I've always owned at least one, I'v e rarely known how to tie one on in a fabulous way.

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This season, scarves have come back in style with a bang. And, the fun part is that the young celebrities are wearing them everywhere and with everything. So, after seeing about a dozen paparazzi shots of stars with scarves tied around their necks and noticing women wearing them all over town on the coast during a recent visit, I decided to learn how to wear this latest update on a classic. Lucky magazine just listed scarves as one of the key accessories items to add to your wardrobe now.

What kinds of scarves are in style? You can wear this trend with most any scarf, so dig them out. But the latest, hottest look is an ethnic inspired sheer type that has cute fringe or tassels on the edging. If you're going to get one, buy the largest square you can find. It gives the most versatility. A long, oblong sheer style is also really in style.

The best thing about adding a scarf to your look is that it updates your regular stuff instantly. Plus, I don't know about you but this time of year is when I get sick of my summer clothes, it's not cool enough to pull out the my fall clothing, but I mentally really need a fashion lift. This can do it.

What to wear with scarves. This is one key to this style. In years past, scarves were worn with a coat, suits - you know stuffy, buttoned up clothing. Today, it's exactly the opposite. This hot look is actually best worn with jeans and a simple T-shirt. Younger fashionistas are even showing them with tank tops and shorts. If you're in your favorite jeans and even a white or black tee, toss one on and you've added a couple of points to your stylish quotient.

How to wear scarves. The look is for the scarf to appear to have just been tossed on, without much effort in adding this touch of chic style. But in reality, you just have to know a few simple tricks.

The Muffler scarf style This is the hottest look going. Fold a large scarf into a triangle and place it over your dcollet like a bib. Tie it loosely in back and bring the ends around to the front. You can let the ends hang loose or tie them loosely under the bib or over the bib. Turn it a bit to the side and off you go.

The Tie scarf style An oblong scarf works really well with this one but a square scarf can also work. Simply drape the scarf around your neck with the two ends hanging down in front. Don't worry about them being even; remember the look is casual, tossed on. Now take one end and tie a loose knot. Take the other end and slip through the knot similar to a men's tie. This knot can easily be adjusted to lie higher or lower.

The Loop scarf style This one is so easy and results in a sleek and casual look. Take any scarf and fold it in half to create the longest line possible. Wrap the scarf around your neck with the loop on one side and two ends on the other. Now, take the two loose ends and "thread the needle" so to speak. Put the ends through the loop created when you folded the scarf in half. You can wear this look in front or over to the side.

I love this fashion twist on a classic accessory! It's an easy way to update my summer clothes as the weather begins to cool at least a little. Plus, it's one of those looks that come along very rarely - its age universal. I love it when the young teens, the middle age moms (like me) and my girlfriend's mother could all wear the look. Now that's what I call a workable trend.

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