More inexpensive Halloween ideas!

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I can't stop! I found and tried so many fun, inexpensive Halloween ideas this year that I just had to do two segments. So, in this one, you'll find some more dcor tips and also some creative food finds.

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Let's start with the eats!Some Boo-ffet ideas.

Swamp Eyeballs These are great as a garnish in green or orange punch for the kids or an Appletini for grown-up guests.

1 can Lychees (available at AJ's in the Asian food aisle) Blueberries Toothpicks

Drain the Lychees, cut off the end that does not have a natural hole. Insert a blueberry into each end of the lychee to look like eyeballs. Set two side-by-side and attach with a toothpick. Pop them into the freezer until ready to use. They need to be frozen to float.

Finger Sandwiches This is a fun way to get the kids to eat something healthy before heading out for the candy. Make sandwiches using anything you want. I made mine with ham and cheese and a little mayo. Cut off the crusts on all sides and slice into thin slices to look like fingers. I like to make one end look like a point using a small paring knife. Now just add a sliced almond as a fingernail with a dab of mayo or cream cheese. Creepy fun!

Skeleton Bones Bread Sticks I love these! Simply purchase a can of pre-made breadsticks in the refrigerator section at the grocery. They'll be where you find canned biscuits, piecrusts, etc. Just separate them into the individual breadsticks, stretch them out a bit and cut about a 1 inch slit into each side as shown. Now just curl each section down to look like a bone knuckle. Press them down so the won't come undone and you're ready to bake as directed. I did watch them carefully to make sure they didn't cook quicker since they were separated. I also liked rubbing them with a little softened butter before baking. They also are tasty sprinkled with course salt as soon as they come out of the oven.

These are perfect, served with tomato soap or chili.

Ghost Toast Simple, simple. I found a ghost cookie cutter in the baking section for 89 cents. Or, you can even just cut a simple ghost shape freehand. Just cut out the ghost shape, "frost" with whipped cream cheese and make eyes and mouth with raisins for a fun breakfast on Halloween morning.

Spook up your home, too

A Spider web Doorway This simple decorating project instantly transforms a doorway into a Halloween welcome. Purchase a skein of black, wide yarn. I found a great chenille yarn that was about 1/4 inch wide and it worked perfectly. I just cut lengths of yarn approximately the length of my door entrance. Some were shorter, some longer - nothing perfect here. Then I cut another length of yarn the width of the entry with about 8 inches extra on each side.

I took this length and tied each end to a kitchen cabinet handle as I assembled my spider web. I simply tied the lengths of yarn onto the horizontal one about 3 -4 inches apart and let them hang down. Remember the old bead curtains? That's what it should look like only with yarn. When done, just tape over the doorway, or even a window.

Napkin Mummies If you're serving a Halloween supper, make these simple napkin wraps using first aid tape and construction paper. To prep, buy some first aid tape that sticks to itself - really easy to find at any drugstore. Then, cut out some small white circles and using a hole punch, punch out some black eye "pupils." With a dab of white glue make eyes with the back dots in the center of the white circles.

I wrapped each napkin once around with the first aid tape, took a small piece of double sided tape and attached the eyes. Then wrapped with the tape a couple more times, partially covering the eyes to look like a mummy wrap.

Cupcake Holder Ghosts This crafty dcor touch could not be easier. All you need are some plain white cupcake paper liners. I found some made by Wilton that were a little longer than the ordinary ones and they looked a little more ghostly. You can find them at JoAnn, ABC Cake Decorating or anywhere they sell Wilton cake decorating supplies.

Separate as many liners as you want ghosts. Using a single hole punch, punch out some black construction paper dots. Now just glue on the black dot eyes onto two sides of each cupcake liner. These little guys can be hung from chandeliers, trees, whatever by fish line or thread. They even look cute simply set on a table or around your home. How easy it that?!

You know, I've never had huge holiday budgets and so I've always loved finding ways to keep the spirit alive without spending a lot of money. Plus, I personally love the look of the creativity of something homemade, especially if you have kids. Happy Halloween!

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