Philanthropist laid to rest; investigation continues

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UPDATE: Thursday

PHOENIX - A Valley philanthropist was found dead in his office earlier this week.

His car was found Thursday in San Bernardino, California but that is not the only break in the case of Irving Shuman's murder. Now we also know he died from strangulation and now Phoenix police are in California questioning the people they found inside his car.

It has been two days since someone brutally murdered 84-year-old Irving Shuman inside his office on 7th Avenue and Camelback and stole his car. He was a civic man known to be generous and now the medical examiner's office tells 3TV the prominent Valley real estate broker was strangled and beaten to death.

Police could be one step closer to finding that somebody because Thursday morning a San Bernadino, California police officer pulled over the driver of Shuman's stolen 1998 Lexus. Sources tell 3TV that after a short pursuit, with at least one person trying to bail, police detained "possible" suspects but they have made no arrests yet in Shuman's death.

As for his daughter, she says she will not rest until arrests have been made. 3TV talked to Shuman's girlfriend on Thursday and she tells us hearing the news that police had found his car and the people who were inside was wonderful.


PHOENIX - Family members are still trying to deal with the tragedy and trying to figure out how anyone could so viciously kill a man, especially a man known to be so generous.

Car found in CA while new details on death emerge

Danielle Shuman Heller showed 3TV pictures of her father, Irving Shuman, a vibrant 84-year-old Navy veteran with a passion for life. Heller tells 3TV "He had all kinds of things that he wanted to do and someone took him away from us and it's just a terrible, terrible thing and the biggest nightmare of our lives."

It was a nightmare that began Tuesday just after 7 p.m. Police say someone brutally beat the prominent broker to death and robbed him in his office at Standard Realty and Development.

His daughter told 3TV, "This was not how he was suppose to go and I believe that his life was just stolenaway from him and it feels like the worst day of my life." Police are still looking for the person who stole Shuman's life. That person also stole his car. He has been described as a 'giant' in our community. He was an avid contributor to countless civic organizations and he loved Valley sports. He was also the former president of the Jewish Federation of Greater Phoenix.

Danielle says she will never rest until her father's killer is behind bars she had a message in case the person responsible is watching. "Give yourself up, turn yourself in because you will be caught and then I just hope you can ask God for forgiveness."

The victim's stolen car is a four-door 1998 gold Lexus GS 300. It has an Arizona license plate of 480-CAT.

Anyone with information on this is asked to call police. Services for the victim are scheduled for Friday.