No-kill animal shelter may have to euthanize due to funds

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Public donations being accepted

PHOENIX - A local no-kill animal shelter may be forced to actually put some pets down.

The shelter survives on private donations and our troubling economy is painting a troubled future for their cats and dogs. Nearly 100 animals are getting a second chance at the Animal Benefits Club in Phoenix.

The sanctuary takes in special needs cats and dogs. The shelter may be closing its doors due to a lack of funding.

To save money workers and volunteers are making some sacrifices. One employee tells 3TV, "We're trying to cut back on utilities certainly not for the animals cause the animal buildings are air conditioned they will not go without air conditioning. Our offices will go without air conditioning."

Meanwhile employees and volunteers say they pray the money will come.

If you would like to help the Animals Benefit Club you can donate to any Wells Fargo bank branch. For more details .