Cox Cable takes $700 from woman's bank account

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PHOENIX -- An Ahwatukee woman says a local cable company took several hundred dollars out of her bank account and she's having a hard time getting that money back.

"We're both big TV watchers," Tricia Trbovic said.

And that's why Trbovic subscribes to Cox Cable. But after finding a better deal somewhere else, Trbovic decided to cancel Cox back in November.

All Trbovic thought she had to do was return the cable boxes to Cox and she was through.

"I took them into the location, got the receipt saying they were returned and I thought everything was good to go," she said.

The receipt shows Trbovic returned her cable boxes two weeks after canceling, but she later received a Cox bill saying she owed $727 for equipment charges -- charges for those cable boxes.

"I called them up and said I got a bill but I had returned the boxes," Trbovic said. "The girl says it showed that I returned the boxes and everything was clear."

But it wasn't in the clear because just days before Christmas, Trbovic was checking her bank account online and discovered Cox had taken that $727 right out of her account.

Trbovic says she has always paid her Cox bill through "auto pay" so the cable company had access to her bank account.

Trbovic says she's been trying for more than two weeks to get that money back from Cox.

"They pushed a button to take it out of my account, why can't they push a button to put it back in my account, you know?" Trbovic said.

So 3 On Your Side got in touch with Cox and two days after we did, the cable company returned all $727 back to Trbovic's account.

Trbovic says she couldn't have done it without 3 On Your Side.

Cox tells 3 On Your Side that Trbovic may have taken too long to return the cable boxes and that triggered the withdrawal out of her account.

As for the delay in returning the money, Cox says it was the holidays and things just run slower that time of year.