Valley woman who heckled McCain during RNC speech talks

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Valley woman thrown out of RNC talks to 3TV

PHOENIX - She was thrown out of the Republican National Convention for heckling Senator John McCain and it turns out, she was from the Valley.

Now Liz Hourican is telling 3TV why she did it.

3TV caught up with her in Washington D.C. via satellite and for the first time she is telling 3TV how she got into the Republican convention and how she got so close to the presidential candidate.

"We don't want another war monger in office we need a peace president in office," she says. Tough talk from a Phoenix woman who traveled to the twin cities to disrupt John McCain's speech Thursday night at the Republican National Convention, garnering her national attention.

She explains, "I happened to get a pass from a disaffected Republican who wanted me to be there more than he wanted to be there." That is how she got in the door.

She was thrown out of the event after she says, "I was yelling that John McCain does not represent Arizona. We want a peace presidentwe want out of Iraq."

Liz represents thousands of people affiliated with the non-partisan group called Code Pink for Peace.

Another Phoenix woman, Linda Surdakowski, volunteers with Packages from Home, a company that sends food, toiletries, toys and recreational equipment to the troops regardless of why they are there. She says, "Everybody wants peace being a mothereveryone wants peace, healthy and happy but there are different ways of going about it."

In the meantime these two women have two very different approaches and a lot of work ahead.

Liz says she plans to hit the campaign trail following candidates while preaching peace and Linda's goal is to send packages to 2,000 troops a month. These are efforts neither woman will surrender.