Big rebate turns into big nothing for Valley woman

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PHOENIX -- Have you ever bought something because the rebate offer was too good to pass up?

The rebate I'm talking about is for a lot of money. In fact, the rebate being offered by SRP is for right around a thousand bucks.

But an Ahwatukee woman says the rebate has turned into a reject.

Lynn Hennessy loves the two new air conditioner units she bought four months ago. But even she says she didn't really need to buy them.

"I could have very well waited until the air just went out," Hennessy said. "They were working, but it seemed like a good idea because of the incentive to do it."

The incentive is something called the Cool Cash Rebate Program offered by SRP.

Basically, if consumers bought and installed new energy-efficient air-conditioning units, SRP would offset the cost by giving a rebate.

For Hennessy, her rebate was $1,000.

"You were supposed to put in energy-efficient units, which I did, and you filled out an application that you got from SRP," Hennessy explained.

After paying $13,000 for the two new energy-efficient units, Hennessy says she mailed in her rebate papers a month before the deadline.

"I did it all within a timely manner and followed all of the rules and regulations indicated on the SRP application," Hennessy said.

Hennessy waited for her $1,000 to arrive, but it never did.

When Hennessy called SRP to find out why, SRP claimed they never received her paperwork and sending it in now would be too late and she would not be eligible for that rebate.

"I'm dealing with a big corporation here, but they're not hearing me as a little person," Hennessy said.

3 On Your Side submitted Hennessy's paperwork again and even though it was after the deadline, SRP accepted it and decided to issue Hennessy her $1,000 rebate check.

"She had very good records of what she purchased, who she purchased it from, and also from her contractor, that really helped the argument," said SRP spokesman Scott Harelson.

Hennessy is ecstatic, saying she never would have received the rebate without help from 3 On Your Side.

SRP says it has two more complaints from people claiming they also sent in rebate paperwork, paperwork that SRP says it never got.

But out of fairness, SRP says they will go ahead and issue those people rebates, as well.