Alarm scares off man trying a 'smash n grab' at Kohl's

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SURPRISE - Suspects who attempted to rob a Kohl's Department store in Surprise were scared off by the alarm.


Would-be burglars scared off by alarm

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Police say they responded to 15400 W. Cactus Road just before 4 a.m. on Saturday after suspects attempted a "smash and grab."

When officers arrived at the scene they saw someone had smashed one of the front sliding glass doors, which activated the alarm.

Police say the burglars did not take anything from the store. Surveillance footage shows a male passenger getting out of a yellow four-door car. He is seen smashing a glass sliding door with a rock.

When the suspect hears the alarm, he runs back to the car and takes off.

Anyone with information on the suspects is asked to contact the Surprise Police Department.